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Answers to Questions Examples


Why do people so susceptible to conspiracy theories?


People are so susceptible to conspiracy theories because (Question) it is human nature to want to believe that you know a truth that other people (the flock of sheep) are blinded to. It provides you with a sense of intellectual superiority (Answer). For instance, the fact that there has never been evidence of the illuminati has not stopped people from coming up with their own stories about the secret organization (Support). Believing in conspiracy theories might seem satisfying, but in the end they simply lack credibility and make the person seem slightly warped (Insights).

A Pair of Examples of Answer Questions

1. Presidents have utilized various presidential styles in order to achieve their agendas. List and briefly describe three styles and presidents who encompassed them.

  • Competitive Style - An approach whereby the members of the president's administration had to compete in order to get their ideas heard. Franklin Roosevelt used this style to great success.
  • Collegial Style - Close group of advisors working together with the president to create policy. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama both used this.
  • Formalistic Style - A hierarchic structure where the president always has the last word. Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan used this.

2. Political campaign finance reform is a controversial topic. Name one positive and one negative to restricting the amount of contributions spent on the candidates.

  • Restricting the amount of contributions could be perceived as a violation of the first Amendment on Free Speech. On the other hand, allowing contributions can harm democracy by swinging the vote in favor of the candidate with more money, not the one who is objectively most qualified.