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APA Style Dissertation: Facing the Challenge

Confused about the APA style format? APA is the acronym for a style for formatting developed by the American Psychological Association and which has become the most commonly accepted format used for papers written for the scientific and business communities and in academic research papers dealing with those fields. The official APA Guide lays down specific, and often complicated, guidelines for all in-text citations, running headers, endnotes, footnotes and reference pages. At the end of one’s studying at college or university, there comes a point when all the knowledge and skills acquired during all the years need to be presented in one work and evaluated correspondingly. With this purpose, a thesis is usually written, being an obligatory part of any kind of degree program. This complex academic assignment incorporates a profound research, analysis, and discussion, serving as a milestone for a student’s qualification. Depending on the instructions, different formats and styles may be required, with APA style dissertation being one of the most widely spread.

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Obviously, composing a dissertation is an enormous responsibility, and it cannot be finished overnight. As a rule, the whole last year of studying is devoted to writing the thesis, performing the research and gradually completing it throughout the last course. As this task is rather time-consuming and complicated, one should choose the topic carefully. Writing an APA style dissertation on a topic that you find meaningless or tedious would be unbearable, so it is always advisory to devote the work to a topic of your personal and professional interest. Prime Thesis will format your undergraduate paper, Masters Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation according to the latest and most up-to-date guidelines established by the official APA style-guide. Writing an academic paper according to the APA guidelines does not have to be the most confusing and frustrating experience of your academic career if you let PrimeThesis do it for you.

Types of Dissertation Writing

There are various approaches to composing a dissertation, based on the kinds of research that it involves. In general, the dissertations can be subdivided into two types listed below.
  • Empirical. This type is based on empirical studies and experiments, which means dealing with social studies, laboratory examination, polls, analysis of data, etc. Theoretical knowledge is applied in practice and the results are analyzed in an empirical dissertation.
  • Non-empirical. Such dissertations mostly deal with theoretical framework and focus on scanning and analyzing the existing works of other scholars in the particular area. Critical evaluation, comparison and assumption-making are required for this type of thesis.

Required skills

Regardless of the subject and topic of your thesis, there are few basic skills that you need to use to compose it properly:
  • Ability to formulate a clear and strong thesis statement;
  • Focusing on the key ideas throughout the whole work;
  • Critical thinking for selecting the most suitable and reliable literature;
  • Excellent operation of scientific terms;
  • Familiarity with the specificity of the research problem;
  • Illustrating the writing with examples and quotes from the sources of references;
  • Deep knowledge of the subject and its topical problems;
  • Coherence in written language;
  • Objective and neutral position.

Dissertation Length

As a rule, the volume of the thesis is determined by your professor’s requirements and by the standards of your university. In general, its length can vary between 10000 and 25000 words. In addition, the length of the dissertation depends on the academic level required. Once the dissertation is ready, you might be asked to present it orally in front of a committee, who will then ask you related questions and evaluate the novelty and value of your research. It makes sense to rehearse this public presentation in front of your friends or family, in order to be more confident about it.

No Cheating!

Dissertation is an extremely significant part of one’s academic work, which is why it should be treated with all the seriousness. Any kind of cheating, plagiarizing or irresponsible attitude is unacceptable, which is why you should just embrace all your skills and knowledge and do your best to present them properly.
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Very Specific Requirements for Apa Format for Dissertation

One of these requirements demands that all tables and figures must immediately follow the reference page and that each table should begin with a title line in italics and be numbered as Table 1, Table 2, Table 3, and so on. Papers in the APA style must also follow carefully delineated spacing guidelines, line arrangements, citation styles, manner of website referencing, dating and page numbering. The vast number of rules and regulations contained in the APA Guide can easily become confusing for those not intimately acquainted with the complexities of the APA format. At our skilled, professional writers have been working with the APA format for years and constantly monitor APA guidelines for any changes to their accepted format. Prime Thesis guarantees that your personally assigned writer will not only have an intimate knowledge of the APA style but also that they hold a post graduate degree (either a masters or PhD) and have years of experience in preparing the best, most original, customized academic papers for our clients. At PrimeThesis you also have access to our 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, 365 day a year customer care line and direct access, via email chat, with your personal writer. Combine these features with our plagiarism-free guarantee, our guarantee that your paper will be original, that your paper will be top quality, that you will have access to many free extras and great discounts and that your contact information will never be divulged to anyone for any reason and you can rest assured that the undergraduate paper, Masters Thesis or PhD Dissertation that we write for you will give you all of the advantages you need to guarantee that your academic career will be the success you want, and need, it to be. Don’t risk hiring just any online writing service for the complicated task of writing a top quality paper in the APA format. You need to be sure that your paper is being handled by a skilled, qualified team of writers that offer personalized service, that guarantees the quality and originality of their work and always delivers your paper on time every time. At Prime Thesis you will be working with qualified academic writers who know the complicated ins and outs of the APA style and how to formulate a paper guaranteed to give you the praise and high academic marks your future demands. Writing an undergraduate paper, Masters Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation in APA format doesn’t have to be frustrating, grueling work. Only at can you get both a guaranteed top notch writing service combined with quality guarantees, tons of free options and extras as well as 24/ 7 access to your personal writer and our customer care service.

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