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Med Dissertation Writing: Suggestions from Fellow Students

During the college and university years, we all ask older students or graduates for advice. They share their experience, give tips regarding the communication with professors and writing certain assignments, which is always useful, as wisdom must be passed on to the new generations. Such exchange is priceless when working on a med dissertation, as doing a work of such significance is impossible without help from someone who knows what to do. This is why, with the aim of helping those who are struggling with med dissertation writing, we have interviewed a former medical student who went through the whole process and ended up defending the dissertation excellently. The suggestions of this graduate discussed in this article will definitely make the writing process easier and smoother.

Deciding on the Topic Deciding on the Topic

Picking a topic for your med dissertation will determine the progress of the whole work. Ideally, the topic should meet the following criteria:
  • The sources that you will use need to be available;
  • The topic has to match the level of your skill and knowledge;
  • The topic has to be interesting for you personally and intersect with your major subject.

Preparing a Proposal Preparing a Proposal

Before writing the dissertation, you can map out the proposal in order to see what structure and content is most suitable for it. In addition, the proposal needs to be approved by your professor, which means that you will get the comments and suggestions from an authoritative source before even writing the thesis.

Make an Outline Make an Outline

Make a detailed plan of the sections and chapters that your dissertation will include. Take several days to arrange it properly and make it suitable for the current topic and word count. Also, remember to include the major terms in the names of subsections.

Find Theses on the Topic Find Theses on the Topic

Reviewing the existing works on this same topic is a part of the writing process, but it is especially useful to analyze the dissertations made by other students on the same theme. Having an access to theses from all over the world, it is easy to find the needed ones and see how a good paper should be organized.

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Strict Working Schedule Strict Working Schedule

Deadlines are the major problem for students of all courses and departments, and when it comes to lengthy papers like dissertations, it becomes even harder to work on it gradually and not postpone the writing till the last month. Do not fall into procrastination trap: plan a weekly working schedule and stick to it throughout the whole year. This way, in the end you will have ample time to proofread it and hand it in without any stress.

Interpreting the Research Results Interpreting the Research Results

A special attention should be paid to the section of your dissertation where results are presented and discussed. This part of the work shows the real value of the thesis, which means it deserves a particular scrutiny. Make sure that the results are discussed in a clear and sophisticated manner, and that they are illustrated with all sorts of visual materials, such as diagrams, figures, etc.

Summing up Summing up

The general rule while writing a conclusion is – do not mention any new information. You need to address the key ideas, support the initial thesis statement, and give other researchers an inspiration for further analysis.

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