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Tips on Survey Report Writing

We are a company that is focused mainly on surveys and helps private researchers and businesses by providing them with effective survey tools for collecting data and making a complete analysis. Writing a survey report is the logical culmination of making a survey. If you experience some difficulties with survey report writing, just keep reading the following article and you will find useful information that will enable you to improve your survey report writing skills.

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What Is the Purpose of Writing a Survey Report?

For scientific researchers, the value of such a report is more than obvious. The dry data may confuse the audience whereas the clear and coherent report may introduce the survey findings from different perspectives. Therefore, every company or researcher should learn how to make a professional report after the project is done. To put it simply, such a report explains everything that was done in the process of the survey. It should be written in the correct form in order to make the survey results accessible to all company`s employees or random strangers. Although each business has its own requirements for writing a survey report, yet all of them should be created in such a way that will be easy to read, coherent, and relevant.


All survey reports should be written is a very professional manner including the grammar and spelling aspects. Clarity is a particularly important aspect of surveys report writing since no matter how useful the information about your finding is, the failure to organize it clearly will reduce your chances for getting the positive outcome. Keep in mind that your report is not just the instrument for learning about the survey, but it is also a representation of your company.
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Writing a Survey Report Introduction

No matter what type of survey report you write, it should start by introducing the background information that should explain everything up to launching the survey. If you have done the preliminary research, feel free to mention this point in your introduction. If you are testing some theories, tell why did you chose these specific theories and explain why they were worth testing. Make sure the reader understands what you were expecting before launching the survey and what did you hope to gain from it. Besides, you need to explain how did you succeed in data collecting. Furthermore, you need to include the methodology explaining how did you find the particular sample or execution criteria. Ask yourself, “If I were a reader of my report, what would I want to know about it?”

Discussing the Problems

Either in your introduction or after the analysis you have to mention the problems you`ve encountered in the process of conducting the survey. If you accidentally miscalculated some data, do not hesitate to mention it in your report since it directly affects the data quality. Undoubtedly, writing a surveying report cannot be successful without the careful analysis of the previous mistakes.

Sharing the Results with Your Reader

Finally, you need to share the findings with your reader. On this stage, you should not explain what the numbers mean. Just provide them in the forms of tables and graphs and explain the principles of your data collection. We assure you that the attractive charts and graphs are useful as long as they are clear to your potential reader. When all statistical data are provided, you can write their meaning. In order to get the desired outcome, your answers should be honest. It means that even if you did not receive the findings expected, it is better to tell about it. If the received results were not significant in terms of statistics, you should also mention it in your survey report. Most companies treat the surveys reports as the instruments for demonstrating the success and power of the company, even regardless of the fact that the data say the opposite. As such, if you want to receive a satisfactory result, you should try to avoid this trap and provide objective information in your report.


Both the market research and traditional research can significantly benefit from the discussion section of the report. The discussion part helps every person reading the report understand it correctly as this section focuses mainly on the explanation what these particular data mean to the company. In the discussion section, you can present your view of the company`s development supporting your words with the survey findings. Besides, in this section, you can explain if you believe these data to be representative or not. What is more, you can discuss the scope of the future research by explaining what aspects should be improved and emphasizing on the methods and tools that can help get the satisfactory results. The content of all the sections mentioned above depends on the type of study. For instance, if your study is focused on increasing customers` satisfaction, you need to provide the data that will inform the audience about the current state of things, as well as the discussion pointing out to the key methods for increasing the customers` satisfaction.

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Finally, your survey research should contain a conclusion in which you will restate all the points discussed previously. Do not forget to restate the research question mentioned in your introduction and tell whether you have managed to reach your goal with your survey.
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Final Thoughts

As a survey report is the representation of your company, it should be formatted properly. Moreover, it should be attractive and intriguing so that your reader could enjoy when reading it. We assure you that good formatting is the important element that helps the writer keep all the ideas together in a logical flow instead of just inserting the parts that are not connected to each other. Surveys reports have great theoretical and practical value, though some people usually tend to underestimate their significance. They are used for multiple purposes. For instance, they can be distributed to the employees to introduce an important policy or project. In addition, they can be handed out to investors or customers to inform them about the surveys conducted by the company. Regardless of the reason, writing a survey report is a rather challenging and time-consuming process, which, though, has a great significance. Of course, conducting the survey is a very important process; however, a detailed report plays a fundamental role in understanding the purpose of this survey. Overall, a survey report is a perfect way to disseminate important information, present the survey results, and draw a conclusion. No matter how many and what types of reports of survey you need to provide. We guarantee that by dedicating enough time and efforts, you will be able to create a masterpiece that will impress the most demanding reader. We hope that our article was useful for you in terms of understanding the significance of the survey report writing.