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The Best Opinion Essay Topics

Are you searching for the best opinion essay topics? Keep reading and you definitely will find something attractive. We have gathered the most interesting opinion essay topic and ideas, which can serve as the good sources of inspiration for writing your opinion essays. Do not be afraid of experiments. We assure you that your professor will highly evaluate your creative approach!

Outstanding Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Do you agree or disagree with the statement that parents are the most effective teachers for their child? What do you think about home education? Give specific examples.
  2. Please, talk about one specific thing you would want to change in your community. Do not forget to provide specific reasons for your answer.
  3. In the present-day society, many people favor the junk food, though it leads to obesity and many other negative consequences. Tell about the causes and consequences of such a tendency.
  4. There are multiple reasons to get the higher education (to pursue a desired career, gain the specific knowledge, etc.) What do you consider as the essential aim of your study in a college or university? Provide specific reasons.
  5. Practice makes perfect. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?
  6. A famous man once said, “The books do not contain everything that should be learned.” Do you agree or disagree with this opinion? What do you consider a better source of knowledge – a book or a personal experience? Provide solid evidence for your arguments.
  7. Some people opine that TV and the Internet negatively influence the relationships between friends and family members. Do you share this viewpoint? What are the possible risks of TV/Internet obsession?
  8. Imagine that a great company wants to open a new branch in your native town. However, the consequences may be negative for the environment you live in. What steps will you take? Feel free to provide a rationale for your viewpoint.
  9. Some universities have the policies that claim that the students should spend the equal amount of time in the gum and in the library. How would you evaluate the role of sport in human life?
  10. Giving the concrete examples and specific reasons, explain how TV influences the human way of thinking.
  11. Some people dream of living in the big cities while others prefer the small villages. Which option do you prefer? Why?
  12. Some people like the restaurant food whereas others like to eat at home. What variant would you choose? Provide solid argumentation.
  13. It is considered that the luck is the inevitable reason for success. Do you agree with this statement? What is the role of hard work in reaching success?
  14. Do you like traveling? What are the first things you strive to see in a new town/country? Do you agree with the statement that traveling broadens the worldview?
  15. Some people believe that class attendance should be optional. Do you agree with this statement? Why? Why not?
  16. What are the qualities of a good supervisor? What are the qualities of a good employer? Support your answers with the examples.
  17. All people consider neighbors as the people living in close proximity to them. What are the qualities of a good neighbor? Do you consider yourself as a good neighbor?
  18. Some people want to live their whole life in one location while others prefer to change the locations in search of the better living conditions, better employment, better housing etc. Do you belong to the first or the second category? Provide reasonable arguments for your position.
  19. You have heard that a new school (church) will be built in your community. Do you think it is a good idea? Provide specific reasons for your answer.
  20. They say that it is useful to leave the comfort zone and do the things you do not like to do. Do you see some benefits of such behavior? How often do you do the things that you do not like?
  21. Some people believe that human activity helps our planet develop whereas others are confident that humans ruin the planet they live on. What is your perspective on this discussion?
  22. In the present-day society, the media, including the magazines, newspapers, and television, are too concerned about the personal lives of celebrities. Do you agree or disagree with this viewpoint? Explain your arguments.
  23. Suppose that a large shopping center will be opened soon in your community. What are the advantages or disadvantages? If you oppose this proposition, what will be your actions?
  24. They say that the truth should not always be revealed. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion? From your personal experience, were there some situations in which you could not avoid hiding the truth?
  25. Suppose that your friend wants to visit your native city. What places are you going to show him/her? What reasons determine your preferences?
  26. Do you support the idea that all students should find the part-time jobs to gain financial independence, as well as gain the experience?
  27. If you were a director, what people would you like to see in your team? What are the qualities of a good leader? Support your answer.
  28. Some people want to raise their children in rural areas while others prefer to do it in the urban environment. What is your position regarding this issue? Support it by the sound arguments.
  29. Who is more responsible for the roads improvement? Public transportation companies or the government? Explain your rationale.
  30. Imagine that you have earned a certain amount of money. What will you do with it? Will you spend it immediately or reserve for future?
  31. Would you like to live forever? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having such a power?
  32. Select one method of transportation and explain what role does in play in the human lives. Use interesting examples.
  33. The fast development of technologies facilitates accessing the information. Do you agree with this statement or not? Does this tendency have some shortcomings?
  34. Suppose that you have to help your friend to prepare for the interview. What specific advice would you give to him/her?
  35. Do you believe that with the extensive use of social networks people lose their privacy? Explain your position providing the sound arguments.
  36. As a company manager, would you spend money on the proper education of the young employees? Explain your rationale.
  37. What aspects of the applicant`s biography should be taken into consideration when reviewing his/her candidacy: the experience, the achievements, and rewards, the personal qualities, or the motivation? Support your arguments with the examples from your life.
  38. Do you agree with the statement that learning the lessons from the past is necessary for building a successful future? What is the practical use of history in the human life?
  39. What role does the game play in the child`s life? What are the consequences of the obsession with the specific game?
  40. Do you believe that the prizes and awards are necessary for assessing someone`s performance? If not, suggest your own instruments of encouragement.
  41. What skills are essential for reaching success in the contemporary society? Can a determined and goal-oriented person reach success having no money in the pocket?
  42. What is the role of the conflict within the social group? How to avoid conflicts?
  43. Is self-confidence important in human life? How can the individual train this quality?
  44. What is the reason that makes people love dangerous sports? What are the alternatives?
  45. Do you prefer to travel with some companion or alone? What are the benefits and shortcomings of both options?
  46. What are the essential characteristics of a good son or a daughter? Are these characteristics varying in different cultures? Explain your answer.
  47. Can parents be considered responsible for the deviant behavior of their child? What can they do to avoid the negative consequences of bad upbringing?
  48. Whereas some people cannot live without trying the new things, the others prefer to live in accordance with the established order. Do you belong to the first category or to the second one? Explain your rationale.
  49. Do you believe that the large companies should be involved in environmental protection?
  50.  How do you make important decisions? Do you wait for some assistance from other people or you prefer to do it on your own?
  51. Some movies make people reconsider their previous beliefs and attitudes. Some movies do not aim to teach something as they just bring the aesthetic pleasure. What movie type is your favorite one? Give the examples.
  52. Discuss the topic of space exploration. Do you consider spending much money on such an activity as reasonable while so many children on Earth suffer from hunger and diseases?
  53. Do you believe that the salary of teachers and doctors should be increased?
  54. People struggle with stress in different ways. Some of them read the books; some prefer watching the favorite movies, while others are engaged in volunteering. Explain how do you cope with stress.
We assure you that choosing any of the opinion essay topics mentioned above and developing a good essay, you will be able to receive the highest grade.