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Accounting Thesis

Accounting Thesis: Definition

Accounting is considered a set of practices related to accounts, transactions and funds tracking. It helps the company to keep healthy relations with its stakeholders, partners as well as customers. It is believed that accounting is an ancient practice. It is possible to trace its origin to the Renaissance in Italy. During that period accounting developed fast and main standardizations and innovations on how to perform accounting were introduced. Accounting became important in numerous spheres of human life, like business, economics and administration. Successful companies hire professional accountants to make sure their budget and financial actions are in the right order. Accounting is referred to as successful business tactic. In case you decided to study accounting and work in this field, some day, you will be assigned to write an accounting thesis. Luckily, there is a wide range of topics for your thesis on accounting. Make sure you are aware of accounting terminology, it mathematical principles and concepts. It is important to define your thesis in accounting and apply correct practices in it.

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Researching Your Thesis on Accounting

Remember that generic accounting thesis does not exist. You thesis should be based on certain applications and environments. For instance, you can choose forecasts in management, regulatory regimens, strategy decision, auditing, issues with investments, etc. so, in order to research your thesis, you need to determine your focus. Find out where your subject in accounting crosses with another subject or discipline. For instance, if you decided to find out how company’s accounting practice influences its stock, you will have to collect and compare two types of information, namely, data in order to identify any correlations present. Another example is when you decide to find out more about the topic of auditing and its accuracy as well as objectivity, you will have to work with numerous data forms, like data that describes interest conflicts and situations that involve auditing.
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Structuring Your Thesis

Accounting thesis has structure similar to finance thesis, and economics thesis. Its structure is as follows: introduction or problem statement; literature review section; methodology section; argument; and logical conclusion. After conclusion, you need to provide the full list of references used in the paper. When you organize your thesis, remember that all graphs, diagrams, charts and ant other visual material may be incorporated in your argument. However if you have a whole lot of them, you will need to include them in appendix after the reference list. In case the center of the argument is contrasting the practices of accounting on the international scale, you will need to organize your thesis backwards. First, you will have to make a table where you compare the international practices in accounting, provide a discussion of interesting implications, and identify how the existing sources of literature can threat the selected subject.

Accounting Thesis: Possibilities

Thesis on accounting is divided into two types: first type should be written on a certain approach or subject and second type is when the writer chooses the topic on his/her own. The main thing is to make sure that the chosen topic is related to accounting. Of course, when you have a right to choose the topic on your own, you can have more possibilities. You can, for example, write about significance of accounting in the works of Charles Dickens or you can write about how political character of a particular country influences on the accounting practice.In addition, you can write about international accounting practices and their role in globalization. Such topics are easier to perceive and readers will not have to learn complex accounting terminology in order to understand your thesis. However, if you are well aware of accounting field, you can write your thesis and consult different academic journals and fill in the gap in accounting paradigm. For instance you can focus on accounting in a certain country that has not been researched previously. As a result, you will make a great contribution into the accounting field. Anyway, practice is what can make a professional. Keep on studying the selected subject and improve your writing skills with our writing guide.

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Choose a Bright Accounting Thesis Topic: Smart Ideas for You

Our job is to assist the students and help them choose an accounting thesis topic that will impress their audience. We provide them with excellent hints and ideas and help them write brilliant research papers and dissertations. If you need our professional assistance, we can do a lot of things for you, in particular offer you a great topic that you can use. Hence, have a look at a list of excellent topics which you can use for your finance or accounting dissertation. You might be interested in one of them and it will inspire you to do research and be successful in your work. You can choose an accounting thesis topic from one of the categories as we offer a lot of examples you may like. For sure, do not merely copy and paste them as an original paper requires an original topic to work on. Make sure that you either rewrite the topic you have chosen or order your dissertation from our writers and they will give you a similar variant that will sound absolutely original.
  1. Performance study in accounting and hazards actual for financial companies under the conditions of credit crisis.
  2. Economic development of the emerging economies and the role of accounting in it.
  3. Relation between the moral maturity of experts in finance / accounting and the theory of cognitive moral development.
  4. Conservatism in accounting and composition of institutional ownership.
  5. Conservatism in accounting, financial institutions, and debt contracts.
  6. Conservatism in accounting and decisions related to acquisition: risky and value-destroying acquisitions.
  7. Education in the area of accounting: perception of online and traditional learning outcomes (a comparative study).
  8. Case study: which audit risks are related to fraudulent accounting?
  9. Accounting in the context of globalization: international comparisons, national statistics, and realities of global economy.
  10. Effect of the accounting data on the company capital cost.
  11. Modern accounting for the emerging economies: effect on the economic development.
  12. Is it viable for your business unit department to use the group accounting services or shared accounting services?
  13. Case study: efficiency of the accounting data for a capital market.
  14. Effect of the accounting data on the firm capital cost.
  15. Effect of the accounting standards in international convergence on the emerging economies.
  16. Measurement in environmental accounting: problems, challenges, issues, and prospects.
  17. Harmonization in accounting in the Islamic world.
  18. Corporate governance in financial reporting and auditing.
  19. COBIT bank audit for the methodology of corporate governance audit.
  20. Management accounting and managerial finance management.
  21. Revenue expenditure vs. capital expenditure: comparative analysis.
  22. Case study of US banks and financial companies: quality delivery and compliance via audit management.
  23. Evaluation of different cost methods and the role of overhead allocation. Give explanation of the methods of using costing data in facilitating the process of decision-making in business organizations according to the requirements of control and planning.
  24. Quality of accounting and performance of organizations: impact of family ownership.
  25. Islamic and Western countries: cultural analysis and accounting procedures.
  26. System of job costing: ways to apply costing data to facilitate the process of decision-making in business organizations according to the requirements of control and planning.
  27. Effect of amendments in taxation policies in the budget of Singapore on corporate and individual tax-payers.
  28. Ratio analysis: important factors.
  29. Single-entry system vs. double-entry system.
  30. Use of accounting based on the Internet technologies in management accounting: is it secure and safe?
  31. Modern technology and accounting: transformation of practices in accounting in the context of the 21st-century.
  32. Cost accounting in the company: role and functions.
  33. Information systems in accounting: effect of excessive data on accountants.
  34. Policies of taxation: how to maximize tax returns and the role of accountants.
  35. Cost accounting in terms of ethical concepts.
  36. Using accounting data by executives for obtaining productive results and improvement of financial decisions.
  37. Pros and cons of personal finance accountants: analysis.
  38. Role of financial markets in the context of global economy: international trade.
  39. Auditing: effect of tax code knowledge on individual taxes. Benefits of using the services of accountants by companies and individuals to get the taxes reduced.
  40. Case study: impact of financial markets on the yield of personal accounting.


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PHD Thesis in Accounting

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