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Annotated Bibliography

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What Is an Annotated Bibliography?

Annotated bibliography is an essential element of a wide scope of academic and custom papers. Such a type of writing assignment requires lots of time, additional research, as well as efforts. An annotated bibliography includes a list of relevant to the topic sources that you have utilized or are planning to use in your research paper comprising a short annotation (about 100-150 words) describing every source. In the majority of cases, it is assumed that writing an annotated bibliography is the easiest component of the whole process of writing a research paper. In actual fact, it takes a decent amount of time and efforts, so you should not underestimate this writing assignment. Firstly, significant time and efforts are spent on searching for reliable, up-to-date, scholarly and relevant sources that may comprise useful and practical information for your research paper. Secondly, you should read through each of them and then make up your mind which ones you will use in your research paper. Then, you should complete a short annotation for every of the chosen sources that you can decide to utilize. It is also essential to settled on the right style of formatting for your future annotated bibliography: Oxford, MLA, APA, Harvard, Turabian, etc. Thus, before you order an annotated bibliography online, make sure that you are well sure of all the above-indicated points.
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Annotated Bibliography: Main Types

The biggest benefit of preparing an annotated bibliography by yourself is the essential fact that you have complete control of how your work will look. In order to do this, you should make some sacrifices, one of which is your priceless free time. Thus, why not give this written assignment to our writing service instead? One of the frequently asked questions is how to place an order at our writing service: ‘What kind of annotated bibliography are you able to complete?’ Our answer is any kind! It is possible to order an annotated bibliography online, which will be completed exceptionally for you only! There are three key kinds of annotated bibliography, and it is up to the customer to decide how his / her bibliography should look. Our customer can choose the format and style of writing he / she prefers. He / she can also easily search for a sample of an annotated bibliography in order to determine how different each kind could be. As our writing service has already mentioned that the kind of an annotated bibliography depends on what the customer wants to achieve with this writing assignment. So, let us have a close look at the three essential kinds of annotated bibliography. They will also give a better and broader understanding of what parts should be included in an annotated bibliography.

Evaluative Annotated Bibliography

This type of annotated bibliography focuses on both the weak and strong points of every source and assesses its usefulness and quality. This annotated bibliography not only provides a summary but also gives a profound, critical and detailed appraisal of the chosen source. It should be noted that critical evaluation can provide an opportunity to find evident flaws, lack of evidence, biased thoughts, and etc. It assists in determining whether or not such a work will be significant and useful in further research of a specific topic. It also allows getting a chance to provide an explanation concerning how this information will be able to help in writing thesis, research, or any other type of paper.

Summary Annotated Bibliography

As the names suggested, this kind of written assignment presents a content summary of the chosen source. Utilize this kind of annotated bibliography if you should highlight evidence, arguments or proofs that you managed to find. It can also allow describing your methods and methodology, as well as discuss approaches, theories, techniques or strategies applied.

Combination Annotated Bibliography

This kind of annotated bibliography is used very rarely as it is a combination of either the evaluative or summative kind. That is why the combination type does exist. With this kind of annotated bibliography, it is necessary to summarize, evaluate and describe how useful the chosen source is. In simple words, the combination annotated bibliography is a mixture of many details. So, an annotated bibliography completed by our professionals can be any of the above-mentioned kinds. Everything depends on the aim of this written work.

Benefits of Purchasing an Annotated Bibliography from Our Experienced Writers

It should be stressed that this part of custom and academic research papers is of great significance when it comes to the assignment assessment. Want to find out how our highly qualified, professional and experienced writers can prepare an annotated bibliography that could contribute to your research:
  • Ideal style. Each of our professional writers is either a Ph.D. or Master’s degree holder, and consequently, they can cope with any written assignment. Using their skills, experience and knowledge, they can format each annotated bibliography in accordance with each detail of the requirements presented in the formatting guide, such as a Purdue Owl or any other.
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  • Background for each research. An annotated bibliography can be applied as a separate writing assignment, but further our customer should complete a research work based on it. Searching for necessary sources usually takes lots of time and efforts, but in such a case, they will have the following part of writing prepared in advance and professionally.

Why Choose Our Academic Writing Service Company?

It should be stressed that nowadays there are no profound programs as ‘annotated bibliography helper’ or ‘ordinary annotated bibliography designer.’ Thus, if you need an annotated bibliography to be completed well, you should refer to our specialists. We hire only experienced writers that can complete an annotated bibliography at acceptable prices. In fact, you can also be a good writer, but the difference is that our professional and sophisticated writers have been doing this for many years already. All you should do is to place an order and indicate all the essential details about your assignment. After that, we will try to choose the most experienced writer who specializes in your area of your study or interest. You can also check the writing progress of your order, put questions, or make suggestions regarding your paper. Our company wants you to be satisfied with the final product; that is why you can always request for free revisions once your order is ready if you consider that any changes should be made by our professional. All our papers are plagiarism free as they are written from scratch. It is very simple to order our annotated bibliography services from our company, just try to do this after you have finished reading this article. Order annotated bibliography online from our reputable and exclusive writing service right now!