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Definition of a Literature Thesis

Every study program includes literature thesis writing. This type of task focuses on the chosen mechanisms, disease, or methodology. Its main task is to prove that a student can obtain expert and in-depth comprehension of the selected topic in biomedicine. It is important to select a broad subject in order to justify thesis writing of 6 ECs on it. However, it cannot be too general because it will become impossible to critically asses and summarize the existing knowledge within the available time frame. It is worth noting that literature thesis is more than just a literature summary. It is crucial to properly formulate as well as deal with and provide a solution to the issue or scientific question in the thesis.

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Objectives of Learning

The objective of every literature thesis is to attain vast knowledge in a particular topic relevant to the biomedical issue, which can be achieved with the help of self-study. You will be able to do the following after this course:
  1. Conduct a detailed research of the literature on a certain topic selected by yourself, the topic should be related to the biomedical issue in a limited and defined time;
  2. Present your literature research results in an organized and concise essay form. You need to use different articles taken from reliable medical journals in the essay;
  3. Provide your reflections on the chosen subject and on its state-of-knowledge. It is vital to put the subject into the context, provide the defense of a putative controversy as well as offer future research;
  4. Back up your work with facts and figures in order to visualize major principles for a particular subject;
  5. Apply different literature systems.

Thesis Structure

Literature thesis usually comprises of 5000 – 6000 words. It should include the following:
  • Cover page (Paper title, author’s name, place and date);
  • A short summary (it can be an abstract);
  • Logical introduction where you formulate a controversy or a problem;
  • Section where you examine the articles or the burden of proof. It is recommended to present the proof with the help of figures, tables and graphs, and describe it in the text. A self-explanatory legend should be present in figures.
  • A discussion section when you provide critical comments related to the used articles as well as conclusions relevant to the formulated problem;
  • Reference list should be formatted according to the required style.
Prior to writing your literature thesis, the board of examiners should approve the selected topic. You can also find detailed forms and instructions online.
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Apply the Below-Given Literature Thesis Guidelines

  • You can select the time period in which your literature thesis will take place and identify it in the plan of study.
  • In case you fail to conclude the report in time and do not provide solid reasons for such a delay, your score will be low. You will have to write a new literature thesis with new supervisor.
  • It is vital to work on your literature thesis under the strict control of your researcher (he/she can be appointed as full professor or assistant) who possesses a vast experience in the chosen field of study in order to guide the thesis preparation and evaluate its form and content.
  • The literature thesis subject can be related to the internship subjects, but in such a case, you should motivate the subject choice and explain how the subject differs from the internship subject.
  • You should submit the application form for your literature thesis in order to get an approval from the planned Board of Examiners. The form should contain the tentative subject title, brief subject description, supervisor’s name as well as the planned time frame. You need to start writing your literature thesis right after you receive the approval.

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Literature Thesis Assessment

Your supervisor will assess and grade the written literature thesis according to the criteria given below:
  1. Overall thesis quality;
  2. Abstract quality;
  3. Introduction section quality;
  4. Scientific question justification;
  5. Scientific question and its in depth elaboration;
  6. Discussion scientific quality;
  7. Selected literature and its appropriateness
  8. Quality of the presented tables, figures, and overall layout;
  9. Correctness of references and citations;
  10. Student’s writing skill; use of grammar and stylistics;
  11. Supervisor will use the literature thesis assessment form during the assessment.
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