Writing posts on online discussion boards is one of the assignments given to students. In order to complete it properly, it is necessary to know how to write such entries. To begin with, the pieces of writing of this type do not require introductory and concluding sections (only if it is stated in the guidelines). A discussion board post has to be totally concentrated on the issue highlighted in the question. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence and end with a concluding one. Your views have to be backed up with data from credible sources (if demanded). When creating an online entry, one may use such personal pronouns as I, me, my.

Being involved in the discussion post writing, you may need not only to create posts but also to comment on the entries of others. You may be required to express your opinion about the subject, agree/disagree with the presented viewpoint, provide additional facts, etc. What is discussion post writing aimed at? It is a good method of conducting further research on the subjects discussed during classes. It is considered more effective than any academic work. It goes without saying that writing an online discussion post is less stressful than participating in class discussions. The process of debating diverse concepts is rather interesting, as every participant makes their own contribution to the dialogue.


Peculiarities of Discussion Post Writing

Usually, students are given a topic they need to cover in their entries. Any phenomenon can serve as a topic, e.g. place, situation, idea, concept, or any other notion that is closely related to the course material.

Your discussion board post should begin with an opening phrase illustrating the chief point either of a paragraph or the whole text. An opening phrase is usually the first sentence of your piece of writing. The idea it highlights should be then thoroughly explored and uphold with compelling evidence.


Handy Tips on Creating Discussion Posts

Consider your online discussion post as a particular academic work assigned by your professor. When producing it, you should not think about how to complete as fast as possible. You should strive to create the entry that will engage both your instructor and classmates and bring you a high grade. For this reason, it is required to find to how to write a text capturing readers' attention. Before you make a start, take the following easy steps:

  • Read the task/question attentively. Mind the number of words your text should include, formatting requirements, deadline, etc. Define whether you need to respond to one question only or make comments on other posts.
  • Make a plan and arrange a schedule. Thus, you will be able to complete your assignment on time, especially when the deadline is tight.
  • Accurately identify the objective of your discussion board post. Are you going to sum up a particular work, share your position about the issue, etc.?

Making a Draft of Your Online Discussion Post

  1. Before composing your entry, look through those submitted by your classmates. Thus, you will not only know your peers' viewpoint on the matter but also be able to refer to their pieces in your entry.
  2. Use MS Word or any other program to draft your discussion board post. In this case, you will not need to worry that your paper may be accidently submitted without being done.
  3. Create headings to make your text easy to follow.
  4. Introduce the topic properly, so that discussion participants can clearly understand what they are going to deal with.
  5. Do not tell anecdotes, as your classmates may misunderstand you.
  6. Mind the readers to know how to write your text. Since your discussion board post will be read by your lecturer and classmates, ensure to follow a formal writing style.

Make Your Discussion Board Post Reasonable

It should be stated that a profound entry has to be based on factual background. You need to clearly explain why you have a particular opinion about the subject. Certainly, any of your viewpoints is acceptable. However, your ideas have to be confirmed by reliable data.

Note that your discussion board post has to be written in a convincing tone. In order to produce a desired outcome, it is necessary to apply the theoretical ideas discussed during classes to analyzing the matter under consideration and present the conclusion you have arrived at. In your entry, you may also offer a solution to the addressed problem.

Do not forget that your discussion board post will be critically analyzed by your professor. That is why you should know exactly how to write it properly. For instance, you may need to share your point of view about the investigated phenomenon or evaluate a specific concept. No matter the task, it is required to browse authoritative academic sources to collect relevant data.

Top Tips on Commenting on Classmates' Entries

  • When commenting on the discussion post writing pieces of other participants, address them by their names.
  • Define interesting details about the entries you are reading and ask questions.
  • Remember that your comments or answers should make the dialogue continuing.
  • Include quotations from the post you are dealing with into your response.
  • Be polite and friendly.
  • Be thorough to stimulate the discussion.

In order to produce a top-notch discussion board post, you need to follow the established writing tips and rules. Bear in mind that your online entry should include the number of words stated in the instructions. Additionally, it should contain great examples of the examined subject. Your text should meet the specifications laid down by your professor and include reasoned arguments in support of your ideas. In this way, you will show your awareness of the matter. If you want to achieve success in discussion post writing, you have to know how to apply the material you have learnt to developing a specific notion.

Steps in Composing an Entry of Superior Quality

  1. Refer to the material learnt in class, cite vivid examples, and provide quotations.
  2. Focus on the subject and put forward fresh ideas that will help you develop an online conversation.
  3. Use the very question to create an opening sentence of your post.
  4. Exceed the established minimum of words set for writing online entries but stick to the point. Supply colorful details to highlight the issue clearly.
  5. Structure your discussion board post appropriately. Divide the text into paragraphs to make it comprehensive.
  6. Construct grammatically correct sentences. Ensure there are no spelling mistakes in your piece of writing.

Discussion boards are the platforms for examining the topics that are on the curriculum. Being a member of the discussion board means discussing questions/posts and participating in the dialogues. What is the difference? The former implies answering specific questions indicated by your professor, while the latter means commenting on the classmates' entries created within their own online conversations. Remember that your piece of writing has to show that you know the class material very well. By using the helpful tips given above, you will be able to compose the texts deserving excellent grades. If writing is not your forte, buy a discussion board post created up to standard from our company!

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