Undoubtedly, there are many dance essay topics, however, not all of them are good for writing a great paper. If you cannot make up a great topic, just look through the following list and you will definitely find awesome research topics about dance that will worth discussing.


Have a look at some good essay topics about dance:

  • Do you believe that the dance teaches its audience important lessons?
  • Discuss the significance of dance in music. How does dance influence the audience?
  • What dance can be considered as successful?
  • Do you believe that the dancing talent is inborn or it can be learned? Provide sound arguments.
  • Why do you opine people have started dancing? What were the reasons for the appearance of a particular dance?
  • Can the dance be an effective tool for solving a conflict and bringing peace on a certain territory?
  • What are the most popular dancing styles in your community?
  • Discuss the origin of Tango. Tell about this dace within the scope of the specific time period.
  • What makes dancing a unique activity?
  • What would you suggest to adults, who always dreamed of dancing?
  • Who is your favorite dancer? Tell his biography emphasizing his/her contribution to the art of dancing.
  • Discuss the life and work of Hanya Holm.
  • Tell about the history of dance in ancient Greece.
  • The history of Hip Hop. What is the role of this dance in American culture?
  • How the dance relates to love in the Story of Ashley Marie Lenhard.
  • The universal purposes of dance art.
  • Explain how dance became a cultural phenomenon in various countries?
  • Do you believe that dance can facilitate the interaction between different people? In which way?

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  • What dance represents your culture? Give examples.
  • How can dancers influence their followers?
  • What are the challenges that the professional dancers usually face throughout their career?
  • Discuss the romantic elements of dance.
  • Create a list of top five dances in the contemporary culture. Explain your choice.
  • Make a review of Breaking-Dance Live Performance
  • What skills and competencies a professional dancer should possess?
  • Discuss the impact of the dance on your life.
  • Dance education: benefits and shortcomings. Address all the controversies related to the topic.
  • Explain how modern dancing styles differ from the traditional ones. What moral lessons various dancing styles can teach the people.
  • What makes the dancing culture so intriguing?
  • What are the important lessons that people can learn from dancing?
  • Do you believe that having a national dance is important for the identity of every country?
  • Explain what are the benefits of dancing to the body and mind?
  • Analyze the possible negative effects of dancing on human health.
  • Can dancing serve as a motivation? Tell your real life story.
  • “Dancing can be a good instrument for overcoming obesity in the United States.” Do you agree with this claim?
  • A comparison and contrast of two different dancing styles.
  • The impact of dance on my life.
  • Taiwanese-American Modern Dance and Nai-Ni Chen.
  • Discuss the importance of dance in the work of Lady Gaga.

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We do hope that our creative list of essay topics about dance will guide you on the important aspects of dance and help you develop a great essay. We assure you that when reading about dance, your professor wants to see a creative approach. Thus, if you want to get a good grade, you need to start working on the assignment right after getting it. Be ready to do your best and remember that practice makes perfect!