Money Back Guarantee

It is obvious that a dissertation is very important academic milestone; you can not complete it in couple of days and expect to be perfect. When a customer places an urgent order, it must be understood the chances they are taking. We will do our best in writing say, a paper 50 pages long within 3 days. Though it has to be understood that most likely it will not be the quality paper it could be, if having proper timeframe. Isn't it better to graduate with high grades than just to have a shot at graduation? In such a situation our writers must spend sleepless nights and are forced to work overtime to give the best quality possible in the short time given, doing their best to help.

Therefore, the time required to create a professionally written thesis can vary from 2 weeks to 2-3 months. We strongly urge all our customers to submit orders as far in advance as possible. We do not want the quality of your paper to be compromised by the time constraint. Some students submit their thesis order cutting it fine, making it necessary to have it.

Please, note: When order requires the writer to provide a completed assignment with more than 10 pages per 24 hours (for example, 50 pages in 3 days is nearly 17 pages a day) we cannot guarantee the high quality of work that we normally do, when given plenty of time in advance. We will not refund more than 70% of payment in such case. Surely, one can understand that our company is not attempting to deceive anyone with this policy, but instead is doing the best to ensure no losses when trying to help a customer in such a position. We are capable of writing any order we receive and understand that there are cases when large amounts of work must be done under difficult circumstances. If you are willing to communicate and take your chances we will do the best we can to help you.

Be assured that we are a professional custom dissertation and thesis writing company holding a proven reputation of excellent product quality and will move heaven and earth to ensure each and every customer is satisfied upon completion of order.

While in the process of writing your custom paper, we take several factors into consideration that in the end will determine the amount of refund you will receive.

We may issue a refund under the following conditions:

1. If you make a double payment mistake when ordering.

2. We were unable to assign a Master/Ph.D. writer to fill your order.

Upon completion, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the delivered dissertation/thesis, you must submit solid evidence of your claim. All cases are reviewed on an individual basis. Only after careful examination of all points, done by an independent committee, the decision will be provided.

If the quality of the thesis/dissertation does not meet the level of academic expertise you expected, free revisions are provided.

If there is dispute concerning you and the support team or writer regarding a low grade or plagiarism claim, you are required to provide a photocopy of the graded paper as well as the professors comments. This can be done via email. This gives verification of any claims.

Legal Notice:If a request/claim is received more than 14 days after the approval of your order, a refund will not be issued. Any dispute between you and the support team/writer is automatically resolved if you fail to communicate to administrator/writer within 2 weeks.