Many online sites offer free downloadable theses and dissertations. While this may sound like the best possible deal it is actually one of the most dangerous traps any college or university student can fall into. Nearly every college and university is now equipped with software that can automatically search the web for examples of plagiarism when it appears in course-required papers and nearly all of the so-called "free" theses and dissertations are loaded with numerous incidences of obvious and easily detected plagiarism. If the free, downloadable thesis or dissertation you inadvertently selected shows up in any one of a dozen or more routine searches for plagiarized material your paper will be immediately disqualified and your future academic career will face almost certain disaster. Getting something for "free" when the ultimate cost may be your entire future career hardly seems like a bargain.

Some web sites also offer free help and advice for those looking to write a thesis or dissertation - but let's be frank - how reliable can this help possibly be if it is offered for free? It would be nice to think that there are people out there who are so altruistic that they will offer endless amounts of free writing help to thousands of people they have never met but, sadly, the world just doesn't work that way. Even if you can find an online source that actually offers free help there is no guarantee that the person manning the website even knows as much about your subject, or how to write or properly format an advanced research paper, as you do - and the last thing you need is input from someone incapable of offering the right advice when you most need it.

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