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The Roles of Drama in Society

Dramas and cinemas portray the nature of the society. It reveals concealed things in the society, bad or goods. Films have activities of politics, sex, business, science, fictions and explorations among others. These activities echo what is happening in the real world. As such, dramas are classified as a form of literature since it uses characters to send a message to the audience. The eastern cinema, mostly the Asian cinema, has experienced greater advance than expected. The films are spanning various subjects of the current social issues. Other than entertainment, films have major roles and impacts in the society.

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Movies are depicting the moral filthy of our societies. The killing, raping and fraudulent activities in the movie represent immorality that is happening in our societies. In this case, a movie like Assassination (directed by Choi Dong-hun in 2015) shows the extremities of immorality. Assassination has been a common thing among many countries. Political leaders have been assassinated. The movies is in a good position to display how the heinous activity is planned and fulfilled. The movies focusses on the resistance fighter Yeon Seok Jin who tries to murder the governor-general and a pro-Japanese businessman named Kang In Guk. The movies are based on the time when Japan ruled over Korea. The movie highlight some of the success of the Korean in establishing strongholds points in china and Manchuria. Yeom is deployed in the movie as a secret Japanese agent. The film involves massive killing and torture of the suspects like Yeom. The guerrilla attacks and political struggles are evident in the movie. The resistance forces of governments are depicted by the collaborative forces of people like Chu, Hwang, and Ahn Ok Yoon.

The movies serving a purpose to explain the conditions involve in politically unstable nations. Plans used by the strong leaders to overthrow governments are manifested in the movie. Various people, who have the closer connection to the leaders are killed, the wives of the resistance. Yeom kills most of the resistance members who tries to terminate his mission. Killings are planned in various instances like a wedding to discourage the resistance. The success of Yeom to become the head of secret police is an indication of the rewards of the people who are used by the government to prevent any kind of resistance. However, he ends up being killed by the resistance groups. The movie offers a glimpse of what happens in cases of government resistance or any kind of political tussles. Evidently, some government leaders use assassination as a method of eliminating any form of resistance of threat. The can be used to explains the events that occur during power scramble. The films serve best to explain the nature of politics and associated heinous acts performed by the politicians.

Educating a woman is educating the whole society. Education a woman is strengthening her to be an important tool in a societal development. The benefits of educating a woman are well emphasized by the Sunggyungwan Scandal drama. The film focusses on a girl (Kim Yoon-hee) pretends to be boy while attending school, Sungkyunkwan. The education is seen as a thing of men only. For instance, in the drama, there are no women allowed in Joseon Dynasty’s highest educational institute. The movies focuses on the bad conditions of the societies that do not recognize the importance of education to women. The women who tries to access the education suffered from guilt and mistreatment from their counterparts. It explain the era when society did not allow females to get educated or secure jobs. The society that embraced men chauvinism is depicted by the film. She uses her wit to get educated and secure odd jobs. When she is caught disguising to be her brother she feels threatened. However, due to her outstanding talents, Lee Sun-Joon encourages her to advance her education. He even collaborates with her to ensure that she completes her education. The girl represents the women in various societies, which have been denied the girl child the golden opportunity to get education. Education ought to be for both men and women. Educated women contributes a lot to the economy building. The movie is a perfect tool to explain the problems associated with girl child education.

Movies have been good sources of exploring romance. A good example is Hwang Jin Yi. The drama is full of romance. It focuses on a girl (Hyun Geum) who is a singer and her love life. The script of the series of the drama tries to depict the best treatment of a woman in society. The movie also depicts the social discrimination between people of different social status like the poor and the rich. For instance, when Jini falls in love with Kim Eun-ho, a son of a nobleman, their relationship was not accepted since the girl came from a poor family. Any person watching the drama may wish the same treatment of their women. Princess man is also a movie that depicts the context of romance. The movie tries to convince the world that a woman needs a special care from the man. Moreover, the films has deployed the political setups that are involved by the king Munjong and his brother Suyang who works their best to ensure proper governance of their dynasty. Princess Kyung-hye and other women in the movies tries to portray the role of woman in society and the importance of their support to men. The movie is full of romance. However, it has an educative role to the women in the society. The two romance drama shows the special treatment of women in regard to their beauty and social status. The girls from the wealthy family are treated with special care as compared to others. Woman beauty should not be the reason for his special treatment, we need to respect the women in society. The drams has some sceneries that depict women as sexual toys. The existence of concubines in the dynasty shows how women exploited by men

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Dramas are good sources of learning history of various ethnic groups. Almost all movies have their own setting that describes certain information of the certain cultures. Specifically, the eastern movies like Chinese and japan have events that portray Kung-Fu as a cultural form of discipline and sport. The Slave Hunters is 2010, is a good example of a historical drama that involves a slave hunter. The movies depict the governance of dynasties and leadership. The movie involves the aspects of power inheritance of the early life of Koreans. The movie contains various scenes of romance. Anyone watching the movie may get a glimpse of ancient history. The mode of transports, eating habits, marriages, and religion can be seen from the movies. All these sceneries are good at depicting the nature of the cultures of the community involved. The romance dramas have played a major role as an entertainment tool to many people. However, in the same context, the movies tries to show how the romance is leading to a death of lovers. A person being killed for the purpose of love. In some movies, women are depicted as sexual objects by strongest men in the society.

In conclusion, movies are learning sources too. One is able to learn a lot of things from the story in the dramas. That means the filmmakers must be producing movies with a message to the audience. Romance have been the common topic of many drams. However, there always something to learn from films.

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