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The US national Interest on Taiwan over China

Every nation has reasons for its existence. These reasons are referred to as the national interest of the countries. They are the goals and visions of a country. Moreover, they entail what a state wants to become and what sustains them. These interests are the priorities of a nation in pursuit of anything that they engage in. The citizens of a country usually trust their national interests to be pursued by the government that is in place. Nations also seek their countrywide interests through their relations with other nations; an aspect referred to as the foreign policy. Countries in their relation to others seek to use these relationships to achieve their individual national interests. Foreign policy can happen through Isolationism, interventionism, Unilateralism, Multilateralism, Realism and Liberalism. National interest has four core elements to it which are power, peace, prosperity and principles. The United States as a nation also holds national interests which it duly meets in its relations with other countries. Currently, America relates to most countries globally including China and Taiwan in an attempt to achieve its national interest. The conflict between Taiwan and China has, however, put the USA at a critical position. China wants to adopt Taiwan into the mainland and make it part of China while Taiwan refuses to be part of China. The situation creates an atmosphere of a looming war between Taiwan and China in which the USA will have to take one side. In an attempt to choose a position, it is important to evaluate which of the countries is more valuable to the national interests of the USA. The question is, therefore, which country between Taiwan and China is most relevant to Americas national interests? Taiwan is more important to the USA’s national interest than China owing to its positional influence in terms of power, principle and peace.

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Analysis of Taiwans influence on the US Economic Power

Taiwan is providing a ready market for US products which contribute heavily to the US economic power. Taiwan has an average population of 23,000,000 people which is relatively higher compared to the populations of countries that are of its size. The mutual relationship between Taiwan and the US has opened up a market dominated by most US goods. The exports from the US to Taiwan have significantly increased by 10% between 2012 and 2014. Moreover, prospects are showing that the increase is consistent and predictable. The US has helped Taiwan meet a lot of its interests so the market for the US products is a thanksgiving gesture that the Taiwan government cannot revoke. The predictability of the Taiwan market for American goods is much stable than that of China. China has a large population that also provides a market for US exports. However, the Chinese market is competed for by other nations and with time as China grows to be an economic superpower, the sustainability of its market for US exports are unpredictable. The Taiwan market is, therefore, predictable, sustainable and hence preferable. Taiwan is considerably a developing country with good potentials. The US has an opportunity to keep investing in this country as opposed to China. The US has established several, scientific, technological, and educational investments in Taiwan. In 2014, the bilateral trade between US and Taiwan increased to $ 67.4 million making Taiwan the 10th largest trading partner with the US. These figures are expected to improve as America gains much monopoly in the Taiwan market as compared to other countries. Some of the major exports to Taiwan from the US are Computer and Electronic Products which generated $5 billion in revenue for the U.S in 2014, and machinery except electrical which contributed $4.4 billion. Chemicals also amounted to $3.9 billion, transportation equipment generated $2.6 billion and agriculture products that amounted to $2 billion. Taiwan may be the 10th largest trading partner with the U.S but the market is continually growing and more promising than that of China.

Analysis of political power: Taiwan and China

In the support of Taiwan, the importance associated with getting affirmation of the United States has been revealed causing a show of the United States power. The U.S and Taiwan have been close associates since the World War 2. The American government continued to recognize Taiwan as the Republic of China in the midst of the threatening environment. The U.S acknowledged Taiwan as the legal and only government of China. The Korean war brought had its impact. In essence, Taiwan signed an agreement to consolidate their military alliance; the treaty was signed in 1954 and was named the Sino-American treaty. The U.S has persistently sold firearm to the Taiwan government as is seen as a big supporter of Taiwan in its conflict with China. This support by the U.S established the security of Taiwan as it strongly dominated in the East Asian and the pacific region. This action brought a power status to the U.S as they are the main strengtheners of the Taiwan military. As Taiwan dominated in security so did the significance that comes with the U.S support. This event has also reaffirmed the continual dominance of the US power as it implies that support by the U.S guarantees victory. In addition, it is needless to say that with the stable security and protection, the economy of Taiwan has continually grown. The close and strong commercial ties between Taiwan and U.S have greatly contributed to Taiwans economic growth. Taiwans stabilization and growth therefore owes to the support by the U.S. This goes on to imply that the United States is an irrefutable super power, when it decides to offer support to a particular group or nation, the positive results of this support becomes evident. Taiwan has significantly grown with its GDP per capital becoming 5 times more than that of China. Taiwan holds an immense prospect regarding economic growth than China. It is therefore evident that as Taiwan continues to grow, so does the criticality of obtaining the U.S support by any nation or group. Taiwans progress has irrefutably placed the United States at a place of power proving the excellence and vitality of American support.

Principle: A key aspect of Taiwan

Taiwan has adopted a majority of the U.S principles in its governance and operations. Taiwan is one of the most democratic nations in the world explaining why it has continually maintained strong links with the American government. Taiwan changed from being communist to being a multi-party state. The country no longer practices single party monopoly which is often against democracy. The United States has continually been a democratic state that allows multiparty. The president of America is often elected by the people and the election process is considered free and fair as compared to other nations. The same trend has been adopted by Taiwan, a trend that is contrary to the practice in China. Recently Taiwan has been rated at as the 32nd country in the world in terms of the freedom of press, a position that is not enjoyed by China. China is characterized by no press freedom. Press freedom is a principle of democracy and openness that Taiwan has adopted from the United States as America is one of the leading countries in freedom of press advocation. The presidential elections in Taiwan are free, transparent and fair as opposed to their Chinese counterparts. The Taiwanese are enjoying a democratic state which is one of the reasons they are refusing to merge with Communist China. The citizens of Taiwan do not want to lose the democratic environment that they fought hard for to merge with a communist state. Another aspect of democracy adopted by the Taiwanese government from the U.s is economic equality. There has been a decline of economic equality since 2001. It is according to a research study conducted to compare its economic inequality to that of China. Just to mention, china on the other hand had an economic inequality of 41 in 2001 which increased to 47 in 2007. Economic equality is a significant aspect of democracy as it ensures that the citizens of a country are uniformly growing together with the economy. It does not create a gap between a few individuals who are extremely getting wealthy from the fast growing economy.Moreover,others seem to get poor in spite of the stable economy. In the global ratings of corruption in the world, the United States insignificantly appears. America is synonymous for its low levels of corruption and its less association with significantly corrupt countries. Taiwan has evidently adopted this principle with a corruption index of 5.7. China on the other hand has a corruption index that is 3.5 times higher than that of Taiwan. Technological revolution is one of the features of America which they make sure to impart on countries that they associate with. The ancient Chinese culture is quickly fading as Taiwan adopts into westernization. The technology use in Taiwan is quite high as a result of the market monopoly by the U,s based technology, for instance approximately 57% of the Taiwanese people access internet while China holds a 19% prevalence of internet access. The use of mobile phones in Taiwan is also higher compared to china. All these are as a result of the association with the U.S. The internet access in Taiwan is resulting to social change as globalization enhanced by the internet imposes the western culture. The lifestyle of individuals in Taiwan is slowly reflecting the lifestyle in America. Taiwan, therefore, has prospects of enhancing the principles element of the United States national interests thus putting ahead of China.The South China sea problem remains a principle reason that propagate the relationship between Taiwan and the United States.In essence,US supports Taiwan because of the freedom of Navigation.It is a principle of the customary international regulations that allow ships flying the flag of the soverign nation such as the US to cruie without interference from other states.However,the sea has been a sources of arned conflict between the nation of China and Taiwn.It is because of the competing rights to territorial and jurisdictional claim over the mandate to exploit the region.While China has refuted the freedom of Navigation odf the US vessels to operate in the economic zone,Taiwan is complacent and readily permit vessel;s from US.In fact,the differences springs up tension that is lkely to e the possible cause of world war iii.It is ceuase,Cina has decided to embark on substantial tecvhnological advanacement of its paramilitary forces.It seeks to uphold the jurisdiction claim of the economic zone.In fact,it has been aggressive regarding its claim by employing shooting battles techniques.The strategy continues to rift theur relationship with US.However,US is keen to avoid a military counterattack owing to the asia-pacific factor in the global economy.

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Peace an attribute of Taiwan

The United States has constantly been advocating for peace in the western pacific area. The economic, political and security interests of the United States are linked to the peace in western pacific. America wants no war to ensue in this area because it will be adversely hit by the effects Taiwan is therefore a strategic ally of the US in North East Asia. Taiwan acts as the presence of the United States in this area to control the peace and to ensure no instability arises. Most American citizens survive on the revenue achieved from the economic relations that exists between American and the Asian countries. The United States relation with Taiwan began to normalize in 1972 under the government of President Nixon. The Taiwan relation act was signed into law in the United States in 1979 by President Jimmy carter. This act stipulated that the United States will supply Taiwan with the necessary weapons and fire arms that they may be able to maintain their security. The act also stated that the US will give support to the future establishment of Taiwan under the most probable peaceful means. In addition to this act the US gave six assurances to Taiwan in the signing of a joint deal where the united states sated that they have not come to a deal of ending the sales of firearm to Taiwan, they will not pressure Taiwan to make deals with the people republic of China, they have not agreed to holding negotiations with PRC over their firearm sales to Taiwan, they have not altered their position over the sovereignty of Taiwan, and that they will not play any mediation roles between Beijing and Taipei. The Taiwan relations act together with this assurance has encouraged peace and stability in Taiwan. The peace has resulted in the prosperity in Taiwan. It is worth noting that the above roles played by the United States in Taiwan have prevented any wars from breaking in the West pacific areas. The Chinese government has been cautious in attacking Taiwan because of the presumed support of the U.S in Taiwan. Peace in northern Asia brig with it benefits not only for the Taiwan and china but also for America. The US has been significant in averting possible wars that can emanate from Taiwan. The relationship between Taiwan and the United states has led to contributed to international peace. This relationship though informal has continued to grow stronger over the years. Every new government in the United States works to ensure that the relationship of the country with Taiwan continues to stabilize. Till date, the United States has not stopped selling fire arms to Taiwan. As China has been spending more and more in their military so has US been selling more arms to Taiwan. It is important to note that the USs sole interest is to ensure that peace ensures in the North East Asian region. Peace is the reason why US continually supports Taiwan to be able to defend itself just in case of any wars. As mentioned above the political, economic and security prosperity of the United States heavily depend on the peace in the West pacific region. Key US officials have been holding visits to Taiwan to hold various discussions and agreements. Recently the Obama administration allowed Taiwan to be a member of the US Visa waiver program that will engage the people to people interaction between US and china. The continual support by America to Taiwan is undisputable. US are working to ensure the stability of Taiwan. Stability of Taiwan will guarantee peace in the West pacific region; hence Taiwan is an instrument that boosts the peace efforts by America for the West pacific region.


However, the proponents argue that china is of much significance to the United States than Taiwan. It is because when it comes to provision of market for exports from the US, China has a larger market. Some of the proponents have even proposed that when things get worse then the United States should withdraw the support it gives to Taiwan in order to save its economy. The reasoning is, however, not true, because there is a high competition for the Chinese market globally and china does not give much preference to the United States in access of its market. Though the market that the U.S still achieves in china even in the face of this competition is relatively higher than the one in Taiwan, Taiwan still shows more prospects in providing market for U.S products because it gives monopoly to US exports than products from any other country. Apart from the monopoly, the revenue from the trade between US and Taiwan has been significantly increasing and prospects show that it will increase to beat that of China in the next twenty years. Second to this, Taiwan is a growing economy; it is yet to fully open its market potentials. As this economy continues to grow and getting modernized, it will create more demands for US goods and services.


In conclusion, it is evident that Taiwan is more important to the USA’s national interest than China. Taiwan provides an available, monopolized, stable and growing market for US goods and services. Taiwans peace and prosperity is a product of USs intervention in its affairs. It owes its achievements to the immense support from the US which consequently proves the importance of the United States among the nations of the world. Taiwan not only boosts the economic power of the United States but it also brings a power association to the support of the US. It sends a message outside there that when a nation wants to succeed; the United States is the best ally causing a power perception of America. Taiwan satisfies the principles power element of the United States national interest in its adoption of democracy and equality. Taiwan also adopts the social and technological fundamentals from the United States. Finally, Taiwan is a US instrument for peace in the West pacific region. The stability of Taiwan due to the Support from America has ensured maintenance of peace in the West pacific region which is crucial to the economic and political prosperity of the United States.

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