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Dissertation methodology

Writing a Dissertation Methodology Chapter

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Why Is the Methodology Section of a Dissertation Necessary?

Definition of Dissertation Methodology Section

When you need to write a scientific work called dissertation, you will have to create a perfect dissertation methodology chapter. Here you have to include certain scientific algorithms. It will help you achieve the main objective and write a perfect dissertation. You cannot omit methodology part in your work because it plays crucial role for the whole dissertation. Prior to writing a dissertation methodology, you should determine its meaning. It is important to provide a description for each algorithm while writing your paper. You need to be careful when choosing the research methodology for your discussion. Provide clear and precise details in your methodology chapter. There is no need to describe methods you have not applied in your paper. It is also not recommended to use templates and samples written by other students since they can be wrong and you will fail to create original work.

In the course of writing a dissertation paper, the methodology section is an extremely important component. It involves discussing all of the tools involved in conducting your research. In particular, it defines and describes the various method options for data collection such as interviews, questionnaires, practical tests, etc. The methodology illustrates your approach to the research problem or question under study. It will also aid you in determining what you need to find as you are doing the research.

Along the same lines, this section informs the reader about the reasons you choose your particular research methods. You should provide justification for your selected research methods including their relevance and strengths. Aside from discussing their usefulness, you should also explain why alternative methods were rejected. This section will be closely associated with the literature view chapter. In other words, each chosen method should be related to the topic of the literature review.

Methodology: What does It Involve?

First of all, you should write a lot! It is important to focus on the main subject though. Choose the length on your own. In addition, provide description of the applied methods. Prior to writing a methodology section, you need to read more about it and find the most suitable methods for your dissertation. Make sure they are related to your selected subject. It is believed that writing dissertation methodology is complex and takes a lot of student’s time. However, if you do everything right, it will be worth the effort. Anyway, you can always try to find professional assistance online.

Content of the Methodology Chapter

When you think about writing a dissertation methodology section, try to remember what methods and techniques you have used in your dissertation. Describe every method and technique in a clear and logical manner. Mention whether it was of use in your work. This particular section is aimed at making the writing process easier and clear. It helps readers to understand how you wrote your dissertation and what methods have been used in it. People should be aware of all the steps you have taken and how you came to the conclusion. Make sure you provide the methodology section after literature review chapter. The main objective of methodology is to show the ways of reaching a certain conclusion.

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Types of Methodology for Secondary Research Dissertation Papers

Methodology writing can be divided into two main categories: empirical and theoretical. In your thesis statement you can use two types because your dissertation scope is large and it is important to support it and provide a strong back up in order to cover the basics. Before choosing the needed method, read about each of it and understand which one fits best for your research work.

Theoretical Technique

Usually, theoretical method or technique is too generalized and abstract. It is applied to systemize the facts. Scientific research techniques are divided into the below types: formalization, axiomatic, general logical and dissertation abstract methods. Cognitive synthesis, analogy, logical analysis, and deduction are included in general logical methods.

Empirical Technique

Empirical technique allows to conduct an investigation of the practical side and the reached outcomes. Specific evidence and facts are gathered on the basis of this method. Then they are tabulated. After that you can identify the phenomena and describe it in detail. This particular technique requires observation measurement, comparison and of course experiment.

Observation involves cognition and activity. It is grounded on human senses, which are considered to be basic or even primitive. Such observation leads to undesired results, feelings and will.

While comparing, one has to establish certain differences and similarities. It allows to obtain the desired information about the object. It has become possible to learn the features about the chosen object: this type of algorithm is considered to be effective while providing writing assistance. It is important to mention all the used methods in the end in your outline. It has been proven that writing an outline helps to manage the writing task easily and faster. If you find it difficult, you can always use our thesis helper. In case you understand that you have no clue how to cope with all your writing assignments, we have created this article to help you. You can use it as your writing guide or as a reminder to include all the aspects in your paper.

Examples of Dissertation Methodology

Judicial Dissertation methodology:

  • Theoretical: theoretical analysis of newspapers or literature;
  • Empirical: questionnaires, interviews, opinion polls.

As for the various methods you can choose, you can opt for empirical methods (gathering information and conducting a study yourself) or non-empirical (using secondary sources from scholarly journals and publications). If you are choosing empirical methods, the study will obviously take longer since you will be generating the unique data yourself.

If you want the methodology section to be effective, you will need to acquire thorough knowledge about the research methods and have strong presentation and communication abilities since the goal is to be clear and understandable.

As you are working on your dissertation, it is important to develop a plan that explains how you will explore the topic of the research. This entails your chosen approach and the methods that you used to collect information. You can use a qualitative approach, one that is quantitative, or both if it enhances your work.

Here Are Some of the Typical Research Methods That are Used

Here Are Some of the Typical Research Methods That Are Used

The interview is the most popular method when you are seeking qualitative information. It involves gathering insights through asking questions, including open-ended ones. While it can consume a lot of time, it can also be very useful, especially when you want a lot of elaboration. However, if your sample size is large, you might want to opt for a questionnaire instead.

Questionnaires can be used for gathering both qualitative and quantitative information. Technologies such as email and SurveyMonkey make this cost-effective and easy to deliver, but the responses will not provide as much information as an interview would. When measuring parameters or characteristics of groups of people, this using questionnaires can be effective.

Observations are another way to collect qualitative and quantitative information. In some situations, the only way to gather data is to observe the behavior of the study participants under certain circumstances. Since the participants do not always know that they are being observed, this can produce reliable results since they would be inclined to act in a natural, realistic manner.

Documentary analysis involves gathering data by reading various documents. This can help the research as they are seeking out statistics and other information about people, organizations, events, and so forth. Social scientists and historians commonly employ this method.

Since your research paper must be transparent, you will need to explain potential pitfalls of your approach but also argue as for why they will not matter or can be overcome.

Selecting a Research Method

You should have two factors on your mind before selecting a research method. First, what data you must collect, and, second, how can you select your type of data whether it is case study, surveys, some interviews or experiments. You need to think whether your research provides you with the information needed or not, whether the scientists who made this research understood pros and cons of the research and whether your method is unique as compared to other research methods.

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