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Topics of Enquiry

Among the subjects our writers have dealt with are: Psychology, Business, Philosophy, Marketing, Law, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, English, Nursing, IT Technologies, Medicine, Political Science, Biology, Criminology, Humanities, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Sociology, Religion and Theology, Anthropology, Fine Arts, Architecture, Sports, Music, Archaeology, History, Literature, Ethical Studies, Geography, Geology, Accounting, Finance, Communications and many, many more fields of study.


Prime Thesis's team of professional writers can work to any format demanded by your professor or university be it APA/ MLA/ Harvard/ Colombia or any other format which you or they might desire.

Contacting you team at Prime Thesis

The process of hiring a team of professional writers to produce your thesis or dissertation must also offer you a way to remain in continual communication with the company and your assigned, personal writer. Here at Prime Thesis we offer you a multitude of options for staying in constant touch with your writer and our 24/ 7 customer care staff. From the moment you contact us at we begin working hand-in-hand with you by finding the very best writer to work on your thesis or dissertation. From that moment you will be able to remain in constant touch with both your personal writer and our customer care staff through email, telephone, fax or online dialogue to ensure that every step of the process turns out just the way you want it to. You can contact us at any time of day or night to make suggestions for the addition of specific information, to review the work to-date, ask questions or just reassure yourself that we are here working for you. We promise that our customer care team, and your personal writer, are always here to listen to you, take your advice and provide you with the best experience - and the very best paper - you could possible want, no matter what your field of study and no matter how difficult your topic of inquiry.

Working with your personal writer

Your personal writer can assist you in finding a particular topic for your paper or take the topic you have already chosen and develop it into the exact shape that you and your professor wants. Your writer will work with any reference material you already have and augment it with their own research or undertake the entire research process from the very beginning. Your personal writer can write your initial proposal and then develop the paper, thesis or dissertation material it into a detailed outline and on through a finished paper, complete with a well developed structure, fully formed arguments, detailed citations, a well organized table of contents, any necessary appendices and a complete bibliography.

Requesting Changes

As your paper progresses you will be able to monitor its progress and make suggestions for changes and alterations. If your deadline unexpectedly changes or your professor demands a change in format - don't worry - we can work around any changes and still meet your deadline. And you are guaranteed to have ample time for a complete review before your specified deadline. If you want any changes or revisions made to your paper your personal writer will make those changes - as often as you need to meet your requirements and the demands of your professor - and there is never any extra charge for these revisions no matter how many we have to make to guarantee that you are satisfied. We guarantee that every paper you receive from PrimeThesis will be completely original, plagiarism free and that it will meet all of your undergraduate, Masters or PhD program's requirements and specifications.

Plagiarism Free Guarantee

Before your paper is delivered to you it will be automatically checked and cross-checked to guarantee that the entire content is original and plagiarism free.


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To help ensure your complete satisfaction Prime Thesis also offers a confidentiality guarantee. No one will ever know that you hired us to help you with your paper. Your name and contact information will never be divulged to anyone, for any reason - and that's a promise.


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