Whether you are in college or doing your Master's degree or PhD, at this high point of your academic career, you will be required to write a dissertation, and with this comes the need to write a dissertation proposal.

Since the beginning of the undergraduate studies, students are a bit worried and tensed about their dissertation. The significance attached to this writing makes them a little unease.

However, the secret for writing a successful dissertation proposal lies in knowing some basic factors that guides the art of dissertation writing.

  • You propose an idea explaining that your research will offer a significant contribution to the area of your study in future.
  • The task may be a difficult one, but if you are structured in your intention and put it in a writing which is clear and concise then, it is likely that the panel will approve your proposal.
  • Your idea will be reviewed by a committee, who once gives the consent you can begin with your dissertation, which means that you will have to compete with other candidates who wish to do the same and hence the need to take it seriously.
  • The best way to get it approved is by creating an impression through a powerful introduction achieved through a writing that is beautiful, clear, flawless and effective, in addition to being precise.
  • In place of a thesis statement a hypothesis is written. If your hypothesis is superbly formulated then you start making an impression with your research proposal.
  • After the introduction you will have to prove the hypothesis through your thoughts and arguments which has to be concise and expressed clearly.
  • Whatever you say in your research proposal, you have to be sure that you intend to do exactly the same in your research or dissertation
  • The best option would be to choose something that has never been proved effectively.
  • If your topic of proposed research is interesting and original then you can be safe that you are not choosing any thing that has already been proved by earlier researchers.
  • Then you will have to make a conclusion which is completely not influenced by any personal feelings or opinions...an unbiased and objective statement...considering the fact that your research is significant and relevant.
  • Your proposal has to stress the prospective contribution that your dissertation will be making in the subject you have chosen to research.

Next is the methodology chapter which definitely is the most difficult. Basically, in your methodology you will be giving an explanation of the method or the plan you intend to use while you try to prove your research proposal hypothesis. This is where student face most difficulties, but with plenty of assistance available from friends, professor, supervisors this shouldn't be a tough any more.