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How to Write a Good Hook for a Research Paper

How to Write a Good Hook for a Research Paper

It’s a well-known fact that when you are trying to write a research paper, your main purpose is grabbing the readers’ attention. Actually, if you find the perfect hook, your research paper is gonna be read till the end by your audience. However, when you see just a sheet of paper without any letters on it, creating the most interesting hook for your work might see almost impossible and too hard. Frankly speaking, you need to write a hook in order to keep your readers interested, therefore we’ve prepared a few effective ways concerning this task.

Planning the research paper

Before you start working on the hook, you should first formulate and draft some kind of a plan to your research paper. As a result, you will be able to make sure whether your hook is closely connected with the purpose of your piece of writing. You ought to consider several things before writing: your audience, the structure, style, and tone.

The Most Fascinating Hooks Ideas

There are a few various kinds of hooks that you could implement while writing the beginning of your research work. As soon as you have thought over your overall purpose of the paper, you can after that make up your mind regarding what type of hook you would like to use.

Well-known Quotes

If you decide to include an attention-grabbing quote that you have found in a famous book or that was said by a prominent person, you are on the right way. Thus, supporting your argument is guaranteed and the reader is gonna be intrigued. An essential thing you need to keep in mind while implementing a quote that belongs to a famous person is whether your hook is really relevant to the research paper in general.

Literature Quotes

Including a quote from literature is mostly common for those research papers that concern authors, world-known literary works, books, etc. If you choose this idea as a hook for your research paper, you will notice such advantages as giving yourself an authority and a fresh start for your writing composition.

Ask a Question

This is one of the most frequently used ways to begin a research paper. If the question is impressively composed, it can catch the reader’s attention in a great way. Nevertheless, try not to use general questions that require yes or no answer because they are not thought-provoking as well as too simple.

Bear in mind that whether you make or break your research paper depends highly on a hook. So, make an attempt to choose an interesting hook that will work in the best way for your whole research paper. In addition, take into consideration an appropriate style, so that your audience will be 100% hooked and will read your piece of writing till the last page.

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