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What to Listen to While Studying

What to Listen to While Studying

When it comes to listening to music while you study, people divide into two groups – those who can’t imagine doing it because they find noise distracting and those who can’t image studying without their headphones. Although you might belong to the first group, listening to music when studying can be beneficial. It might improve your productivity, boost your mood, make you feel energized or inspired. However, all these positive effects can be achieved only when you listen to the “music for the mind”. Here are examples of it.

1. Instrumental Classics

When asked, most people will name classical music as the most suitable type for studying. It doesn’t have lyrics so you don’t have to switch your attention, just let the sound surround you and create a peaceful and soothing atmosphere. Many people notice that they manage to cover a lot of ground without getting distracted or paying attention to the clock because classical pieces are often quite lengthy.

2. Right Beats

The influence of sounds on human brain has been studies for ages, and scientists came to a conclusion that the 60 beats per minute is the best tempo. It can stimulate the right parts of your brain and make it work a lot better. In addition, this speed of sound can allegedly make people less stressed and calmer. And what student doesn’t want to be less stressed?

3. Modern Instrumentals

Classics are beneficial but they are not everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re a fan of modern music, but still find it distracting when trying to study, consider instrumental versions of your favorite songs. For example, Vitamin String Quartet is famous for their covers of popular songs by Lorde, Macklemore and Bastille. So on the one hand, you’re still listening to modern hits, but on the other hand, they sound a lot more relaxing and soothing.

4. Sounds of Nature

If any types of actual music don’t work for you while you study, look into the option of nature sounds. They can transfer you into a peaceful place and help you to get away from all the hustle and bustle around you. Birds chirping, the sound of rain hitting your window, cracking of a fireplace or ocean waves – you can create any environment around you by just putting on your headphones. These sounds are also good for mediations.

5. Modern Ambient Electronica

Modern music can also set you in a productive state if it’s ambient enough. There are lots of styles you can experiment with. They include Ambient Industrial, New Age, Downtempo, Ambient House. These types of sounds are easy to find online, and YouTube can offer full hour-long playlists. This is the best study music for those people who prefer the modern sound and futuristic rhythms.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what kind of study music you settle for as long as it does the job. And the work it should do is making you relaxed, help your mind switch from your surroundings to the textbooks and create a peaceful atmosphere around you.

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