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What is a Literature Review?

What is a Literature Review?

When it comes to writing a literature review, almost all students and particularly those who are unfamiliar in writing articles or review, assume that a literature review is writing about what they think about a particular novel or a small tale. This meaning may be true to some extent, yet it needs more clarification.

Definition of a Literature Review

It is a lot wider concept than just simply writing about their thoughts.

  • – For your review you can choose any theme, it can be a review of song or a poetry book, a certain section of literature like the 19th century literature, you an even choose to write on administration papers.
  • Students have misunderstood literature review, they consider it writing about the book or the novel they had referred for the review, giving the description of the story in the book, which is then followed by giving their personal thoughts and opinions on the topic. However, this is only the part of the literature review.
  • You are free to choose any material to write a literature review on.
  • You can view the literature review sample relevant to your subject; it will help you get an idea about literature review.

For example, you will have to look for a material that focuses on that topic, you may find one which is completely on the subject, if not, and you can find any that is relevant to the same topic. This sample will make it clear for you the way to process through which you can arrive at your conclusions.

  • Your thesis statement can be based on any source you choose.
  • In your thesis statement, you will have to explain your reasons for making those assertions and supply an answer to why you do not agree with the exact comment or review, what makes you think that they are misleading?
  • Your review must have a theory, more or less similar to any other academic paper.
  • You will have to point out, if you accept or disagree with a certain viewpoint, a document or a conclusion, and so on.
  • Try to support your assertions with sufficient support from sources related to your subject matter.
  • You should choose to view a sample or any other sources of useful information.

It is important when choosing a sensible subject for your literature review. A broad subject will be very time-consuming and difficult to write about. Since literature is universal to all subjects, you will be able to find hundreds of materials already published on all the topics you can think of. You can choose any subject to discuss and present it in a fresh or original way, as long as you are sticking to the guidance of dissertation writing.

In your research papers you will be finding out new things, but for your literature review you will not have to do any findings, you are only supposed to show your idea with reference to the subject or the line you have chosen to discuss.

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