Dissertation proposal or research proposal is a crucial requirement for a student who wants to earn a degree. When it will be the student's first experience to write a research or dissertation proposal, proposal examples can be of big help. However, not all the examples available else where can help the student. Also, not all examples can be a good example. To avoid using incorrect examples, there are certain rules and guidelines that the student should look for. In looking for these rules, the student should check first the requirements and guidelines set by the university in every dissertation. When this is finally checked, all the other requirements and guidelines for a good proposal example will follow.

The following details can serve as guide for anyone who are looking for good quality research proposal or dissertation proposal examples:

  1. 1. Availability of fundamental information Fundamental information refers to title, name of the student, name of the adviser, and other information prescribed by the university to be written in the first page. Though these are just minute detail, these are still necessary. A good research proposal model should set an example of providing the correct sequence and orders of the research proposal parts.
  2. 2. Clearly stated thesis statement After checking the basic information, the statement of the problem is the next detail that the student should look for in the proposal example. It is with this part that the student can evaluate the basic argument of the paper. If this is clearly stated, together with the objectives, then the example might be a good one.
  3. 3. Comprehensible scope and limitation This section identifies the entirety of the study. When this is clearly elaborated, the proposal example can be a good one. This should be checked out by the student since this is another vital part of a research or dissertation proposal.
  4. 4. Coherent and logical arrangement of ideas This is an essential consideration in looking for a good research proposal example. Students should remember that ideas arranged in a logical and coherent order will clearly explain the argument and purpose of the research. Since this is vital to research proposal writing, this should also be evident in the example.
  5. 5. Audience and statistics availability The target audience identifies who are the subjects of the study. When this is clearly mentioned in the proposal example, the student will be able to include in his own proposal the target audience. Also, the use of graphs and statistics make the explanation and presentation of the data more lucid. This is because graphs are made to explain a situation through pictures which can be difficult for words to elucidate.
  6. 6. References and appendices in the right order Plagiarism is a serious case. To avoid this, one should make sure that there is a clear and exact citation of sources. When looking for samples, the reference section should be checked with regards to its format and proper citation. The appendices, on the other hand, should also be included since it will help in going through the research.