June 29, 2019 ways-on-how-to-write-a-review-of-related-literature-for-ma-dissertations

MA Literature Review of a Dissertation

A dissertation is a paper that is based on the views and opinion of its author. In a dissertation, the author, a student, makes his or her own argument based on the results of his research. In the review of related literature, unlike the other parts of a dissertation, you keep the researches or the points of view of the authors of your references intact. The manner of how the review of related literature is greatly different because this is the only part where the content is free of the student's (author's) prejudices and beliefs.

You have to keep in mind that compared to other types of dissertations; the review of related literature in MA dissertation is quite demanding and hard. Writing it entails huge effort, especially in doing researches, great determination, and dedication. You should know that the very point of writing a review of related literature is to demonstrate the interrelation of your selected subject matter to the various references you have gathered. It is not merely providing alphabetically a list of the different books, articles, periodicals, etc. that you have read or utilized in your dissertation. In here, you will try to see the things that have already been found out, what things that need further research, or how to fill in the gaps in existing knowledge. Moreover, this part lets the panel or the readers gauge how relevant your sources are to your subject matter and relevance is one of the major criteria that will dictate if your dissertation will be a success.

It is expected that to make a satisfactory review of related literature, it is best to look through a minimum of twenty and up to a hundred materials. The more you read, the more chances you will have in finding appropriate materials. It is aforementioned that this part will influence the entire outcome of your dissertation. You need to remember that this part is given about 30% to 40% weight on the entire paper, so you can't just blindly use references without giving them much thought and attention.Through the series of investigation you have done on the opinions of different authors, you can have this opportunity to make some comparisons and contradictions to the studies of the authors.

In writing a review of related literature for MA dissertations, primarily, you need to take note of: first, how your subject matter is greatly linked with your references; second, the depth of the knowledge investigated by the authors; third, your ability to write your own review of related literature of good quality. What you need to be able to make a good review is to do vast research and be very keen in classifying resources as relevant. Separate sources that will be very useful for you from those that are rubbish and unrelated. In addition, you are also required to have very good writing skills as expected of that of a master level student.