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Simple Tips How to Write an Essay

Simple Tips How to Write an Essay

Have you ever thought that during the time when you create an essay outline and gather all the material , your essay basically writes itself?

Studying at college, my major was journalism. As a matter of fact, I have much experience concerning essay writing. Students were supposed to study according to a rigorous schedule of courses if they wanted to major in the field related to communications. This means a great amount of essay writing.

As far as I am concerned, I managed to quickly adjust an effective method of essay writing that I suppose makes the process easier and sustained.

What’s the secret? It’s a well-known fact that almost all students sit down and write an essay from the first sentence to the last one. However, there is much easy and not so time-consuming way. It is about doing the necessary research beforehand and inserting each point into an outline.

Actually, from this moment, the outline includes all the needed information, therefore the essay writes itself.

All that is left is to fill some structures for explaining processes of your thoughts.

Here you will find an example of formatting the outline of your essay:

1. Introduction

  • What you are going to talk about within your introductory paragraph
  • Relevant quotes, references

2. Thesis statement: How does the main idea of your essay sound? Make up your mind what you would like to express in your piece of writing. All parts of your essay should develop this point.

3. First paragraph that provides supporting statements to your thesis.

  • Write supporting quotes and references: Bear in mind that you should search for quotes only using reputable sources which support the point stated in your thesis and closely related to the topic of your first paragraph.

4. Second paragraph that contains topic, supporting your thesis.

  • Include supporting quotes, references: Look for the quotes only from reputable sources that are connected to your second paragraph point and offer evidence to your thesis.

5. Third paragraph that is thesis supporting

  • Provide all needed quotes as well as references.

6. Conclusion

Consider what you want to say in your conclusion paragraph. This final part of your essay ought to be detailed about how you can put the topics into one idea. One of the most common mistakes between students regarding conclusion is that they think it’s a summary paragraph, although it’s a chance to unite your points. As a result, your thesis should be solidified in this paragraph.

VII. This step is about listing all citations. In order to avoid going back to sources and seeing where you sought each quotation, make sure you didn’t forget to cite each reference.

If you follow this above-mentioned outline format, the plan in accordance with which you will work is already mapped out in advance.

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