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The World’s Oldest Universities

The World’s Oldest Universities

First educational centers have been created more than hundreds of years, sometimes even millennia. Unfortunately, some of the oldest educational institutions have not passed the test of time: many universities have been destroyed, split into several parts or changed beyond recognition. However, some universities have stuck in the modern world of higher education because of their ability to adapt modern educational traditions, combine historic heritage and contemporary look. Thus, the oldest universities in the world have the reputation as the most prestigious and popular.

Please see list of the oldest universities in the world. Most of them are located in Europe. Please take a closer look at this list.

1. University of Bologna

Location: Italy

Established in: 1088

We started our list with the oldest university in the world, the “Nourishing Mother of the Studies” the University of Bologna. It was founded in 1088 in Bologna, Italy. At first, only doctorate studies were presented in university programs. Now, the University of Bologna has different programs at all levels, the number of students is 84,200 (30,000 of them are postgraduates). Of course, this ancient university brings out to people numerous famous people: business persons, three popes, and Italian politicians.

2. University of Oxford

Established in: 1096-1167

One of the most popular, prestigious and highly ranked (it is 6th in the world rankings) universities is the University of Oxford. Its alumni list includes British Prime Ministers, Archbishops of Canterbury, saints, Nobel laureates and Nobel Prize winners, and of course Sir Stephen Hawking. This university has incredible past and unbelievable future. Unfortunately, the exact date of the foundation of Oxford University is unknown. Some studies say it was established in 1096.

3. University of Salamanca

Location: Spain

Established in: 1134

Now, we are moving to Spain. Another old university was founded in 1134. Later in 1218 it was given the Royal Charter. The University of Salamanca is Spain’s oldest institution, located in Madrid. The University of Salamanca has a great history and today teacher do their best to keep the teaching quality as high as possible. This makes University of Salamanca one of the greatest educational institutions in the world.

4. University of Paris

Location: France

Established in: 1160-1250

The exact date of establishing the University of Paris is unknown, it was founded between 1160 and 1250 in the French capital. The University of Paris is one of the first established educational institutions in Europe. During the French Revolution, this university was closed. However, this fact does not influence the great future of the university.

5. University of Cambridge

Location: the United Kingdom

Established in: 1209

Another famous British university was established in 1209 by a group of scholars from the University of Oxford. They have left the University of Oxford because of some political disputes. Thus, Oxford and Cambridge share many common customs. Today, Cambridge is 5th in the world rankings.

Of course, there are many old universities besides described ones. If you are interested in this topic, please leave a comment and we will prepare more articles on world’s oldest universities. Stay tuned!

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