The Structure and Format of Dissertation Proposal Papers

Writing a dissertation proposal is not an easy job, and when you are writing it for the first time you will find it even more difficult. Once you understand the proper way of formatting it, the whole process will look as easy as a pie to you.

Formatting a dissertation proposal

  • As goes the saying "first impression is the last impression", your dissertation proposal papers has to begin with a beautiful and a genuine introduction.
  • The introduction includes a brief detail of the idea you wish to research, however, the idea is presented in a wider sense and with respect to your subject.
  • Along with the introduction it must present your question statement or the thesis statement. The presentation should be done in clear and concise language; further it has to include factual details.
  • The second section of your dissertation gives out the problem statement. In this section, you can speak about your relevant subject with special consideration to the argument or the assertion you aim to prove.
  • Further more, in the next section you make clear assertions of the possible contributions that your research holds to the relevant field of the study, it will go on defining the truthfulness and the significance your idea holds to your subject matter.
  • The third section of your dissertation proposal is the conceptual frame work of your project; it forms the outline for the entire research process.
  • Here the outlines are given in a theoretical manner, along side you provide the reader with every bit of details, terms and concepts.
  • The fourth section is the methodology. If you find this section difficult then you should consult a good research proposal example or else seek assistance from your professor, supervisor or guide, there are plenty of help available, if you wish to seek.

In your methodology, you will give a detail of your plans and methods that you will use to conduct your research, you will also be writing about how they will be holding significance to the area that you propose to research.

The fifth and the sixth section are the technical part which also forms the correct method or writing your dissertation. While the fifth section is for the bibliography, the sixth section is for the appendix or appendices.? As the as all academic papers concerned bibliographies are very important and provides a list of materials you plan to refer for your research, the appendix is for extra support, explains what the research is all about and what it ultimately seeks. A detail of the time scale and planning also has to be included, thus instilling the importance of time, since you are supposed to complete your dissertation before the deadline.

Now that you have learnt the format and the style of writing a dissertation proposal, you will definitely find it easy.