March 12, 2014 the-preparations-for-your-ma-dissertation

Preparing for MA dissertation

All the students have problems when it comes to dissertation paper. Preparing your dissertation paper is no big deal you might have heard rumors about the problems concerned with it, but there is nothing as such. Many of you may have very little interest in writing on your dissertation paper as the paper may seem to be boring, for some of you there would be no time to do such a tedious work or some of you might have realized at the last minute that you have to finish some writing work. And you guys would just approach a company which would offer you good service on writing your dissertation paper. But it is wrong, your level of skill and your level of knowledge would not develop. It is ok to do so when you are doing some U.G. course but not when you are in your masters. For those of you thinking to do this work may follow the following steps, these points would help you to understand your dissertation paper:

- Your project may be concerned with one type of study but there are always ideas that would make you write the document better.

- You need to choose the topic very carefully, it may seem to be very interesting from outside but in turn it may be boring. So choose wisely and once you do no matter what go ahead with it.

If you choose something that is not appropriate to you then slowly your interest from the subject would diminish. You would not like to continue with the project anymore but you have and so it would reflect on your paper. You might end up handing it over to a company for a easy walk in park but you would then get a grade which is not even worth of showing.

- So hereby you must choose a topic that is not very vast where you cannot prove anything concrete and your topic should not be too limited where you cannot prove anything due to less ground. Your project must be in between these two. The project must be very good so as to prove something.

- You might be interested in subjects that are very good but with no sources of references, you might be just lost on that topic and that might be a very bad choice. The thought that you need to put behind this is that the topic must have good sources easily available references for deeper study. If you do not have the right material then you might be sinking.

- Choose the topic based on the dissertation methodology and they need to appropriate to what you write. So this is another important topic that you must keep in mind.

- The topic that you have selected must have sources and those sources must be mentioned in your methodology very well. If you have missed any points so far then your paper may have chances of degradation.

- Your thesis statement cannot be left behind as your statement presents the concrete decision and thought about your paper to the reader.

You must see that you perform the task on your own, the references and sources are welcomed but see that you apply your own thoughts and make the paper look as analytically and theoretically correct.