Literature Review

Perhaps, the most confusing part of a research or dissertation proposal is the review of literature. Aside from the fact that it requires good writing skills, the literature review section itself has evoked misconception to some students.

Some thinks that the word "literature" refers only to the information available from books. But this is not always the case. There are some instances that use other sources like journals, newspapers, and manuscripts. This is entirely dependent to the topic of the study. The researcher should utilize all possible sources to make the study more credible.

In addition, writing the review of literature section takes three parts. First, the writer should clearly state the overview of the study together with the goal, significance, and issues relevant to the topic. Next, the researcher should elaborate the different assumptions and arguments of other thinkers regarding the matter. If possible, it is advisable that this section talk about different aspects pertaining to the topic. Lastly, the researcher should be able to incorporate the ideas stated by other sources and its relationship to the entire research which will serve as the conclusion of the section.

Though clarifications about the review of literature section are done, looking for an example can still be a great help. It will be better if there is something can guide the student in writing the entire review of literature. A literature review example makes understanding, learning, and formulation of a proposal easier. With an example available when it is really needed, the writing of the literature review will not be difficult at all. Reading more than one example is even recommended. By doing this, there are lots of strategies and style that the student can learn in writing one's own proposal. Moreover, it is also advised that the student should get an example of an entire research proposal. With this, it can even be clearer for the student to understand the relationship of the literature review and the proposal. Also, keeping a review example while writing can be of great help. By doing this, it will be easier for the student to just glance to the example when confusions come along the writing process.

Seeking for literature review example is readily available nowadays. However, looking for the appropriate examples can be a tedious task to do. To be certain that the example one gets is credible, the student should consult his adviser. Backed with experience in writing a dissertation, the adviser is a good source of examples. Also, the student can also visit the university library more often. With the vast sources that the library has, the student will surely be able to find the appropriate guide. The internet can also be a source of review of literature examples. However, the student cannot rely entirely on the sources available here. In making sure that the example taken from the internet is credible, the student should check on the example. There are already many checklists, also available in the Web, regarding what an appropriate example should be.