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Productivity Tips

Productivity Tips

You probably have heard about Scott Adams, who is the world-known Dilbert comic creator, one of the most famous comics people have ever seen. His works have been translated into many languages, therefore, millions of viewers have watched his hilarious comic strips. So, what is his secret of success? How did he manage to create one of the most successful and profitable comic empires of the 20th century?

Actually, he learned this from his mom.

Adam’s mother lived on a dairy farm. As a result, she needed to deal with the work that was really hard and intensive. She milked cows, fed them, planted herding which was rather exhausting. On the farm, it was necessary for them to minimize effort and achieve the highest output. Thus, more energy was preserved and it is wise.

Adams took into consideration how his mother worked. He got to know that success depends on efficiency as well as systems.

One of Adams’ secret of productivity is that everything should be done with the least amount of effort, time, money and this approach will allow you to increase profit. Since Scott Adams has been working on creating such effective systems, now he needs only 25% of his time for Dilbert. Unbelievable!

Your goals should be in the heart of your systems

If your aims are not related to your systems, later you will face with such a problem as the lack of willpower. On Adams’ blog, there is one good example concerning this about losing weight. He states that losing 10 pounds might be your final result, and as part of this goal, you decide to eat only healthy food.

However, when you see pizza and salad, you choose pizza. Thus, your goal seems to be a failure and your willpower disappears.

Nevertheless, if you place this goal inside a bigger system, including healthy diet practices, exercising, learning what it feels like to eat right food, you won’t have to rely only on willpower.

Do the most important things in the morning

If you get up in the morning and work on something that might be a part of your goal, you will devote the biggest amount of concentration and effort to it.

In one of Adams’ book, he wrote that you ought to match your mental state to the assignment. The comic also stated that when he does something with his afternoon brain, he needs six times more hours than in the morning.

Emotional state, as well as energy, should be under control

Scott Adams thinks that the secret of happiness and success is getting control of your emotions. He provides a few simple habits that help him to be productive every single day of his life. As soon as you pay attention to the importance of managing your energy and emotions, you will celebrate the achievements.