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Tips for Picking the Best Topic for Research Paper

Tips for Picking the Best Topic for Research Paper

When selecting a topic for your research paper, you might experience some difficulties. To make this process easier, we have come up with the list of steps you should take. Using these steps, you will certainly choose the best topic for research paper and will write it successfully!

Understand the Assignment

It is crucial to know what your teacher is expecting from you. For that, you need to understand what area you have to research, what the deadline is, how the paper should be formatted and how long it should be. It’s also important to know in advance what kind of resources you can utilize and how many of them should be there.

Brainstorm the Ideas

Now, you’re ready to start thinking about the topic. You can do it by brainstorming a bunch of various ideas. For example, if you need to write about modern technologies, you can think about writing a paper on their influence on people and relationships. If you have to write about art, you can choose the art of a particular era. Brainstorm your ideas by making lists and evaluating them or by creating a mind map.

Narrow Topics

When you’re done brainstorming and have some topic ideas, you can start narrowing them down. You should do this by finding reliable resources, because it’s not a good idea to choose a topic for which you can find no relevant information. Remember to make your topic as narrow as possible. If your topic is too broad, you might have a lot of problems, such as trouble concentrating on certain points to prove your thesis. It’s better to stay away from hotly debatable social topics, such as gun control, racial issues, abortion, religion, etc (unless the assignment requires that, of course). Think about the topics where your reader can learn something new.

Get Feedback from Others

If choosing a topic remains an issue, discuss it with your friends, family members, peers or teachers. Looking at your situation from aside, any of these people can offer you the advice you need to finally make a good choice.

Ask a Question You Will Answer with Your Thesis

Now the time has come to ask a question about your topic and come up with the thesis that you are going to prove or disprove with your research. If you formulate a good thesis, you will certainly do a good research. Remember to support your argument while researching and writing. Don’t drift off the topic.

If you follow these simple steps, choosing a topic for your research paper will become much easier. When you do choose a good and interesting topic, all you will need to do is to remain focused, research it continuously and enjoy writing your research paper!

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