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PhD Dissertation Writing Tips

PhD Dissertation Writing Tips

Dissertation Writing Tips

Many people think that acquiring a PhD degree is difficult to do since one needs to go through writing a doctoral dissertation. Moreover, most people think that a doctoral dissertation requires great knowledge and expertise regarding a specific field. Though the above mentioned ideas are partly true, writing a PhD dissertation should not be feared about. Like any academic paper, as long as there is willingness and dedication, writing a doctoral dissertation and acquiring a PhD degree will not be difficult at all. A student just needs to remember that everything that one does depends on the mindset that he has. Aside from that, there are already many tips and advices about writing a dissertation that are readily available in the Internet. One just has to look through the Web and he will surely find a lot of help in the writing process of a PhD dissertation.

Here are some of the tips that one can consider in writing:

  1. Looking for a topic The thing that graduate students should remember in dealing with PhD dissertation is coming with a topic that interests them most. It will be easier for the student to write about something where his passion lies. Moreover, it will also be better if the student work on something that he is already familiar with but with a deeper analysis and thorough research process.
  2. Formulating the thesis statement A thesis statement can be composed of one sentence or an entire paragraph. No matter how short or long it can be, the important thing is that the thesis statement should clearly elucidate the topic of the study.
  3. Preparing an outline By preparing an outline, the student can set what the study is all about. One can prepare how he will go through the research. This can even set the parameters of the study. This process can also give way to new ideas that can be incorporated in the study. Basically, the outline should consist of the major parts of the dissertation. These parts are the introduction, operational/theoretical framework, validation of the framework, results and analysis, recommendations, and conclusion of the study. The introduction is composed of the justification of the topic, the issues pertaining to the subject, definition of terms, and the purpose of the dissertation. The operational/theoretical framework is an explanation of how the study will be done in relation to a theory. The validation of the framework is created to support the framework. While the last section of the outline will be composed of the recommended future studies, results and analysis, and the conclusion derived from the results.
  4. Dealing with the methodology The methodology is the part where the student translates the idea of the study into a process to achieve or disprove the desired results. This section should be made excellently to avoid many negative criticisms.
  5. Writing the dissertation abstract. This is the first part that will be read especially by the committee. This should be written well to entice the readers that the dissertation is worth reading and studying about. Lastly, one should also clearly state the references with the proper citation format to avoid any plagiarism issues.
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