Many think that PhD dissertation writing is nightmare. It is a nightmare in the sense that going through the different processes in writing it requires a lot of sleepless nights. But this should not always be the case. There are lots of benefits and lessons earned in writing PhD dissertation. First, writing it will teach a graduate student to think critically, and manage time wisely. The most important contribution of the dissertation writing is the addition of the title Dr. before one's name. This addition to one's name can even yield more respect from other people. There is no need to worry about dissertation writing. As long as the students know the importance of time management and diligence, PhD dissertation can be done easily. Also, it would be necessary that a student is prepared in the different facets will be encountered before attaining a doctorate degree.Here are the different phases that a graduate student will face. With the knowledge of these phases, a student will be able to prepare.

Doctoral Dissertation Important Steps

The first phase of writing a doctoral dissertation is the acknowledging the width and depth of the study. The graduate student should give more emphasis on the width or scope of the study and less on its depth. Though, it is still necessary that the student consider a deeper study compared to a master's level. Like other dissertation level, doctoral dissertation also has a time limit. To meet the deadline of the dissertation, considering a topic that is time-conscious is recommended.

The next phase will be the writing period. During this phase, the student needs to follow the certain format prescribed by the university. Basically, a PhD dissertation starts with a quote. After which, the acknowledgement section follows. This is where the student extends his gratitude to the people significant in accomplishing the project. These people usually are the professors, sources, and peers of the student. After the acknowledgement, the table of contents follows. Next, the introduction of the dissertation comes followed by the other chapters that will discuss the whole research. It is also important that the student include the bibliography and appendices of the study. After writing, an editing and proofreading period is suggested to get rid of the typical errors found in a dissertation.

The third phase is the thesis defense. It is in this phase that the students will face the committee and tries to defend the research. Usually, graduate students find themselves less confident during this time. This is because despite the preparations made, they still feel off guard. To avoid this, one should have a great knowledge about his study. Also, one should not focus on the details of the study alone. He should also have enough knowledge on related issues. When the defense phase is done and the committee approves the dissertation, the rewriting phase follows. During this phase, the dissertation is already on its way to distribution but still with some conditions. The condition that usually goes with this phase is the editing of some parts and proofreading of the entire dissertation. After this conditions are met, the paper is on its way to final the phase.

Lastly and the most anticipated phase of dissertation writing is the distribution phase. This is where the student has finally overcome all the tedious and breathtaking phases. It is during this time that the student needs to prepare many copies of the dissertation which will be distributed to many libraries.