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Most Common Errors in Writing a Dissertation

Most Common Errors in Writing a Dissertation

In writing a dissertation, a student will surely commit some mistakes. Even the best writer cannot assure that his dissertation is 100% error free. Errors are inevitable part of any dissertations but there are always some ways to get rid of it.

How to Avoid Errors While Writing a Dissertation

The typical errors in writing a dissertation paper are lapses in grammar, incorrect formatting, and inappropriate in-text citation. Though these can happen to anyone who is writing a dissertation, these kinds of errors can also be easily eliminated. Finding a way out of these errors just needs proper time management and knowledge on what is appropriate and right thing to do.

Among the errors that students usually commits in writing a dissertation is the format. Format here refers to the font style, and font size that is required by the university in all dissertations. Also, included in this kind of error is the proper placing of title. There are even other minor errors that some student misses on. All these problems can easily be settled. The student just needs to consult his adviser and clarify this matter. If possible, the student can also ask for a guide in writing the format properly. This is a simple mistake that requires a simple solution. Moreover, the solution does not even require too much effort on the part of the student.

The other problem that is usually encountered in dissertation writing is related to citation. Students should remember that in-text citation or footnotes are done to give credit to the people whom the dissertation owes. One should remember that without the sources, the dissertation is less credible and would lack enough argument to support the thesis statement. With this, citation and/or footnotes are essential. Despite the knowledge of the student regarding citation, there are still some that commits mistake in following proper citation format. The student sometimes places an incorrect citation entry. Also, some students even forget to put it.

These kinds of problem can easily be handled. Information about proper citation format or footnoting is readily available in the internet. One can seek for it and apply it in one’s own dissertation. On the other hand, if a student tends to forget citing the references, he can write in a separate sheet the notes and who is it from to be sure that it will not be forgotten during the writing process. Other information necessary in citation should also be included. Student should remember to always give credit to whom it is due.

It is also recommended that the student write all the references that he uses in a separate sheet so that writing the bibliography later in the writing process will be easy and error-free. Another common error while writing the dissertation is the grammar errors. Though this is the most pervasive error, this can also be easily solved. What the student needs to do is spend some time in reviewing the dissertation for editing and proofreading purposes. One may also ask his friends to read it so that grammar slips and typographical errors can be checked.

To sum it up, all the errors in writing a dissertation can easily be solved. The key to solving it is through proper time management. As long as the student spend enough time to review his work before submitting it and consulting the adviser or asking help from a friend, the dissertation is on its way to perfection.

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