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The Guideline on How to Manage Your Time in an Exam

The Guideline on How to Manage Your Time in an Exam

If you have ever experienced stressful times during an exam, you will find the following expert tips extremely handy. Stop undergoing horrid experience in exam and start using this time effectively. This way, the desired results won’t lag behind.

Make sure you know exactly what to be prepared for

Normally, the majority of teachers provide you with the detailed information regarding the format of exams, don’t they? Additionally, you have past papers, which you can scan through. Instead of stressing out, it is better to read carefully the instructions and use the time available to properly answer the questions.

Improve your writing skills

Writing quickly and legibly are two skills that might be crucial when you are having an exam. If your handwriting is messy, it might annoy the person who will mark your paper. At the same time, you need to answer each question, which requires time. Consequently, it is recommended doing a past paper in order to practice writing both quickly and neatly.

Be realistic

It is very important to know what you are able to cover when you have only 45 minutes to write your paper. Identify the level of difficulty of the questions and set the time frame, so that you can finish each. Otherwise, you are likely to miss some questions spending too much time on details and sophistication. Make a habit of giving concise and complete answers instead of long-winded and unfinished ones.

Start with easy tasks

Starting with a favorite topic provides you with the feeling of confidence, which consequently helps you to deal with the hard stuff. Having answered the majority of questions, you can proceed with the most difficult ones. This way, you don’t have to worry about not completing the paper. Moreover, you will be able to concentrate on the most challenging questions and work out your answers at a more leisurely pace.

Divide your time up

Before an exam, make a plan of how much time you will be able to spend to answer each question. When you structure your time properly, you are likely to succeed in getting the highest possible grade.

Don’t leave early

There is always a temptation to finish your exam earlier, especially if you’re having a last one. However, you need to learn how to resist this feeling, since re-reading and double-checking your answers might play a crucial role. If you find any mistakes in spelling or grammar, you will be able to correct them. Make sure your paper is legible, so that you don’t lose valuable points. Therefore, it is better to use the time available in order to carefully check your paper. Remember that you will never get it back to make any adjustments.

Follow these tips the next time your exams are looming, so that you are prepared for dealing even with the most daunting challenges.

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