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The Key to Productivity: Taking Frequent Breaks

The Key to Productivity: Taking Frequent Breaks

Why It Is So Important to Take Frequent Breaks

Do you recall those good old times? Period when humanity believed that the world was not round but flat? When we were sure that intelligence was a trait that could be fixed? When we discovered that human brains couldn’t be changed physically? Times, when saturated fats were considered as the worst enemy of public health? When we supposed that taking quick breaks was irrelevant and not helpful?

Wait, could you please repeat the last one? Yes, you’ve got the idea correctly. In my opinion, in several years we will undoubtedly agree on the statement that regular recovery breaks are in reality the key to productive work.

We Have Physiological Need for Frequent Breaks

The world we live in can be characterized as full of rhythmic and wave-like movements. All creatures on our planet follow rhythms and a human being is not an exception.

Every person on the Earth constantly moves between periods of spending energy and renewing it. We prefer adhering to rhythms, especially to the circadian rhythm.

According to the circadian rhythm, we live in 24-hour cycles. We are active for nearly 16 hours and having rest for 8 hours (getting some sleep).

Approximately, after an hour of work our heart rate, tension of the muscles, hormonal levels as well as activity of our brain begin to decrease. Thus, between 90-120 minutes, our body needs a period of recovery. Signals might be yawning, stretching, difficulty focusing.

So, try to find 20 minutes for your necessary rest in order to renew energy stores.

Scientists Have Proved Such a Rule: More Breaks Mean Higher Productivity

In accordance with time-tracking app Desktime, people who can boast of very high productivity are those who stick to working for 52 minutes, and after that taking a break for 17 minutes.

If you want to maximize your efficiency, make an attempt to work intensively for a short period of time and take frequent breaks for reloading the guns so to say.

Tips on Working Like an Expert

  • Take full advantage of the certain time you devote for work. Do your best and be as persevere as possible. Push really hard. Bear in mind that you ought to work like a maniac, plunging in completely. Try to concentrate deeply. Don’t preserve even a little bit of your energy.
  • While working eliminate all of the things that might distract you from doing your job in a good way. Don’t check your emails during this time, don’t communicate with anyone. Keep in mind that you have only a single goal.
  • For replenishing your energy resort to having a 15-minute break after 90 minutes of super productive work.
  • Remember that it’s ineffective if you don’t work as much as you can and if you don’t recover completely but do so some work at the same time

Become more productive with these easy but effective tips. And stay tuned for more useful information!