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Improve Your Essay Writing

Improve Your Essay Writing

Each new year of studying a particular sphere might bring more and more complicated assignments. As far as you become skilled and professional in the subject, simple calculations or definitions are not that things that would give you a chance to realize all your potential and continue further development. All in all, this is a basic principal of education system when a student is stimulated to progress being given tasks with the increasing levels of difficulty.

One of the top tasks for demonstrating the acquired knowledge during the college years is an essay. In this type of work, you do not only display the main features of the subject, but also apply your critical thinking and analyze the situation. What is more, this job also requires your personal feedback on the issues discussed.

Even if you have not ever done it at school, be ready to face such an assignment working for your degree. The point is that you should not be scared of it; essay writing is the skill that can be developed through practice. In the article, we have tried to demonstrate how to improve your essay writing. We do not claim our tips to be ideal, but we hope they might work for some of you.

Kinds of Sources You Should Use

There is no universal source to be used for all subjects. The theme itself defines the information provider.

  • Academic articles: Useful are the essays of the prominent scientists, publications in books or journals. You can easily find them in the library or on the websites like Google Scholar, and include in your writing the comments of the leading authorities in the sphere.
  • Newspaper articles are a good variant for a History essay, and absolutely inappropriate for a biology research.
  • Wikipedia is a perfect source of background information on a great variety of subjects. But, be careful not to mention it in the reference list.
  • Blogs are among the most risky sources to rely on. Not knowing the author, you should better stay clear of them.

Highlighting the Key Points

While reading, concentrate on the most relevant and interesting facts. Use any appropriate appliances to write them down or mark anyhow. Besides, you can type the most important things or the quotes you might add to the text.

One more time managing piece of advice is to create a schedule on writing an essay. Burning midnight oil is usually about writing in a hurry, which makes you nervous, and the result of the paper may not be that of a good quality. Do not neglect this tip, as it helps to avoid the unneeded stress and more thoroughly air the content of the writing.

Once you have looked through a great number of related articles and books, try to formulate a thesis statement and form a skeleton of the essay. The following phase is making a draft. It is always time consuming to make the 1500-word writing sound logical with all the ideas linked.

Apply our tips to your personal approach and get started!

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