September 05, 2020 how-to-manage-your-time-effectively

Do you belong to the category of people who are always in the haste? Are you always running late despite the fact that you got up earlier than usual to make sure that you will leave home earlier this time? Do you have a habit of texting your friends that you "will be late for 5-10 minutes"? If any answer to these questions is "yes", then you have obvious troubles with time management.

The fact that you are always late affects your life. Even though you might think that your friends get offended by your lateness, according to the researcher Diana DeLonzor, the person who is hurt by it is you. Lateness is sometimes more of a psychological problem rather than an issue with time management. Lateness habits are mainly instilled in childhood and it is very hard to overcome them in adulthood.

Classification of late people

DeLonzor has identified three kinds of late people:

      1) The Deadliner: a person is in a constant rush to meet the set deadline. It is a top priority for such person to meet the deadline, therefore, he/ she is even ready to push him-/herself to the limits in order just to do the task on time.
      2) The Producer: this type of person cannot bear the idea that at least one minute of the precious time will be wasted. They are the fans of creating to-do lists.
      3) The Absent-Minded Professor: this kind of people cannot concentrate on doing one thing at a time. They are always late as they cannot prioritize things they need to do.

If some of the aforementioned types resemble you, then you have a problem with time management and being late.

Time management tips on the way to be more productive:

      1) Take a seat and carefully analyze what you spend your time on. When you write down things that you are busy with throughout the day or a week, you will see that most of them are not important and even time-consuming. You will be dumbstruck how much time you waste per day on some unimportant things.
      2) Make sure you do not do work that is supposed to be fulfilled by others.
      3) Check your emails 2-3 times a day. Do not let this activity distract your attention and steal your free time during the weekend.
      4) Delegate your tasks whenever possible. Even though you might be a kind of a person who can tackle virtually anything, many of such minor tasks can well distract you from important matters. Every time when a person asks you to do something or help with something, ask yourself whether ONLY YOU are able to do it.
      5) Eat the frog. If you have some intimidating assignment, do not postpone doing it but switch to it immediately from the very beginning of your working day. If you leave it till the end of the day, there is every possibility that you won't finish your work at the time you wanted.

Use these techniques and strategies and keep track of your effective time management.