August 20, 2020 how-to-improve-your-writing-style

Bright students value the opportunity to write an essay as it demonstrates their academic potential. But what if the rest of people have to write on the same topic as you do, how do you make yours special? Proceed reading the article, and we'll let you in on a secret of producing a truly stellar piece of writing.

Your 6-step Improvement Plan

1. Think outside the box

Incorporating creative thinking is part and parcel of writing a tip-top essay. It doesn't necessarily mean that you should reinvent the wheel. Alternatively, you should express your creativity by going beyond the obvious and digging a little deeper. You might want to discuss an issue from a different angle as compared to the ideas articulated in class. You can also include new evidence or insightful comments based on the books not mentioned in the reading list.

2. Do a little research and enrich your essay

Try reading more than recommended on the list. Obviously, extensive reading provides an in-depth insight into a particular subject and gives you leverage over your peers to craft a brilliant essay. Here are some tips on how to expand your reading capacities and select empowering quotes for your essay:

  • Examine other works of the same author and draw the comparison between them.
  • Have a look at your set text from different perspectives by studying a range of opinions. Evaluate the arguments of literary critics and take your position.
  • Background information helps you to analyze the context in which the author was writing.

It seems like a huge pile of books! But you don't necessarily need to read them in full. It's enough to familiarize yourself with the work just to get insight into it and find some good points for your essay.

3. Decide on what you want to say beforehand

It's vital to have a structure of your essay before getting straight to writing. In such a way, you'll avoid inconsistencies. Naturally, it's important to come up with a plan. Simply jot down the points you want to include in a logical order and start elaborating on them. Remember that the essay should have an introduction, several paragraph connected by one central idea, and a conclusion that weighs the arguments.

4. Strike a balance between arguments

Excellent essays provide a set of arguments and counterarguments to ensure objective evaluation and informed conclusions. One-sided points won't be effective as you need to show that you comprehensively researched the issue.

5. Your say matters too

Provide your own interpretation of the arguments after appraising the evidence. Accordingly, it shows your ability to formulate your own opinion based on an adequate analysis of what other people say.

6. Incorporate quotes

Include quotations from academic sources to corroborate the points you want to make. It will increase the credibility of your essay and demonstrate efforts you made to research the subject. However, don't get carried away and produce the essay entirely composed of other people's words. Quoting too much simply implies that you're unable to comment on things in your own words.

Meet the deadline

Don't procrastinate! Even the most impressive essay will be a flop if it's submitted too late. Start writing ahead of time to be able to sleep on your essay before delivering. Who knows, maybe you'll have a sudden flash of inspiration that can come in handy.