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How to Do Your Best in Exams

How to Do Your Best in Exams

Want to know how to improve your exam performance? Here are 5 tips for improving exam performance that you should definitely follow:

1) Study the syllabus. You should know very well what examiners want from you. Have a very detailed look at the mark scheme and pay special attention to the things that you can get some extra points for. Syllabus will also remind you about the topics that you should be prepared for, so you won’t be surprised by any topic you’ll see during the examination. If, while looking through the syllabus, you’ll notice topics which you don’t feel comfortable about – spend some time to work on them.

2) Have enough sleep. This is an important point which many students overlook. If you don’t have enough sleep, your brain and body won’t get enough rest. In the long run, it will result in anxiety, stress, loss of concentration and decreased ability to study, which are all enemies of a good learner. And never practice all-nighters before the exam – that’s the worst idea you can ever have. Try to sleep at least 7 hours a day. If you’re sleeping less, you should have short 20-minute naps during the day to refresh yourself.

3) Eat brain food. You’ve probably heard about it, but answer honestly – have you ever done it? In the morning before the exam, it is advisable to eat porridge with walnuts and blueberries. All of these products will influence your exam performance. If you’re having an exam in the afternoon, eat protein-rich foods like fish or eggs. Forget about Red Bull and coffee, because their effect won’t be enough for the duration of the exam and you may end up feeling tired the moment when you need energy most.

4) Be attentive and efficient during the exam. Being attentive and efficient during the exam means a lot of things. First and foremost you should read the questions thoroughly and make sure that you understood them correctly. Don’t make a mistake of answering the question that you want to answer instead of addressing the question that you was asked to answer. It never leads to good results. Then, plan the order in which you will tackle the questions. Answer the questions which you consider the easiest to get the most points from the start. When working with essay assignments don’t get too overwhelmed because of the exam environment. Make a little essay plan before you start and work fast in accordance with this plan.

5) Don’t forget to include your own opinion. Knowing facts is good, but being able to arrange them intelligently and express your own opinion in regards to these facts is way better. This is what your examiners will definitely appreciate.

In case you get stuck or start feeling overwhelmed, make 5 deep breaths, relax and refocus. Tell yourself that you’re capable of everything and can complete this exam with the best result, calm down and continue to work.

Now you know how to do well in exams!

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