Geography Dissertation is Unlike Any Other Dissertations

Georgaphy Dissertation

Different dissertations are fairly similar in terms of their format. Dissertations only differ in the discipline of study and topics. In all courses, students will have an equal opportunity to write a dissertation. Geography is one of the disciplines of study that is quite hard. This is due to the complex treatment of data in the field of geography. Furthermore, it takes a while to finish this dissertation completely. So, upon receiving permission to start writing your dissertation, you should begin straightaway. It is a common knowledge that the world really felt the sudden and unusual change in our climate. Phenomena such as global warming, earthquakes, typhoons, storms, and rapid melting of polar caps are very popular topics of today. You can select one among these and focus on it. These natural occurrences are recorded in graphs, charts, tables, maps, pictures, etc. So, you need to tap on the previous and existing information on these phenomena recorded by various institutions. To be able to come up with a valid and accurate research, the information you have gathered should come from good sources. Verify the reputation of the written documents by investigating the institution that published and released these documents. See if the institution is well-known and officially approved. One good place to start gathering information is at the library in your school. It is very obvious that a library has thousands of books in it, but sadly, only a few have good use in your research. Narrow down the categories in the library first. The books are organized relative to their subjects. Since you are looking for books about geography, go to the geography section. Even if you have limited your choices already, there is no guarantee that those materials are all significant. It is way much better and easier if you know the title of the books or the name of their authors. If you know nothing at all, but still able to find a good material, consider yourself lucky. Who says you can’t use the internet as reference for a geography dissertation? Through the creation of search engine optimization, you can find many sources for your research. Be aware of websites that are only popular, but are not very informative. It is very beneficial for you if you would utilize Google Maps and Wikipedia. The disadvantage of using keywords in searching is you have to know correctly what the exact keywords are. If you have no idea about keywords, it is hard for you to search web pages that have significant and quality content. Keep in mind that your review of related literature should be directly related to your topic. This should give a good foundation for your study. For the method to be used in collecting data, you should use quantitative methods because what you are looking for are objective data. You can refer in materials that have illustrations such as maps, drawings, charts, etc. It is also expected that your data are mostly expressed in numbers.