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How to Fight Social Media Addiction

How to Fight Social Media Addiction

Unfortunately, the world came to the moment where addiction to a social media is real; moreover, it is so widespread that it is even terrifying. Why do you need to go outside when you have, for example, a Facebook page on your fingertips? We can waste days there without noticing it at all. Obviously, the problem only getting bigger each day and we have to do something about it. With this in mind, below, we arranged five ways to fight social media addiction.

1. Decrease number of social networks you use.

Pick the most needed social networks and focus only on them. Lots of notifications and messages from different networks might be extremely distracting and even overwhelming, so pick only those you consider to be the most relevant to your work and personal life.

2. Filter friend requests

There is no any friend obligations in social networks, so if you don’t really know the person who just sent you a friend request, don’t rush to confirm it. Even though the role of social media in my life is great, I still don’t approve each friend request. The person should have at least a couple of friends in common or share the same interests. And of course, real profile pic.

3. Use lists and filters

When you got a lot of people in your friends’ list, it became hard to track updated of particular individuals (friends, relatives, co-workers, etc.) For this specific purpose, Facebook and Twitter integrated friend list features that, if used properly, let you quickly see updates of a specific person or a group of people. For example, you want to know what is going on with your close friends – create a list “close friends” and check their updates any comfortable moment. Isn’t convenient?

4. Schedule the use of social networks

Scheduling your social media life decreases the distraction factor and overall internet chatting addiction. Equally important when surfing the internet not to leave your Facebook or other social media pages open all the time in your web browser. The sound of incoming messages can literally kill your productivity.

5. Use timers

If nothing listed above helped, try to set an alarm on your smartphone or other gadgets. Important to pick the most annoying sound you have, and put the alarm far from you. This might help to associate the use of the social network with having to stand from your chair and turn off the annoyance. No guarantee that this will help for sure, but it definitely worth a try.

Hope this is going to help you because after I found myself using my smartphone nearly everywhere, I started to be more aware of such fanatic use of social networks. How to you fight you social media addiction?