Easy ways for your Dissertation Methodology

When you are in your graduate level you will need to write a dissertation methodology, which surely is not an easy task. Your methodology has to be complete of details and yet precise at the same time. Some students consider this to be the easiest part of their dissertation writing. Of course, for a student who is prepared, confident, keen and optimistic will be more comfortable at writing his methodology than most students who at the beginning feel that this is the most difficult part.

Ways to structure your dissertation methodology

  • One thing that has to be cleared from the start is that, your methodology focuses on your research with regards to the question you proposed in your research.

When it comes to their methodology, most students do the mistake of assuming that their readers are people who already have enough knowledge of the subject concerned and so they can avoid writing about these things.

  • Of course, these people are knowledgeable. However, you are still required to write about those things, even if they may know.
  • When writing a methodology you should assume that it will be read by people who have no knowledge and are unfamiliar with the subject you have chosen to discuss.
  • Do a bit of self evaluation by asking some questions to your self in context to the text that you have come up with.

Some questions to ask yourself about would be: What did you do on your research? What kind of approach did you use for this research and for the findings as well? What was your basis of deciding on your chosen methods? Did you seek assistance from any one for your research? If yes, whom did you take assistance from?

There are good guides that are available for writing a good methodology if you are confused then you can make use of these guides and get a clear picture on writing a methodology.

  • Your dissertation writing and dissertation methodology both has to give a complete detail of your research and must also be precise in writing.
  • Write more about your methods, your experiments, findings, surveys, and interviews as well. The greater the emphasis you lay on them the better would be the results for you.
  • These things will provide an answer to the questions listed above, besides providing you with all the necessary information you need for your dissertation.

Your papers will be read by a committee, who will do it with their deepest interest in the method you used for your research and the finding you got. Thus, it is essential that in your methodology, you write every detail but in precise language, so that the reader is left with no questions to ask you. It would create a bad impression of your paper if the reader has doubts and questions about your paper.

Lastly, do seek assistance if you need, your professors, advisors, guides and/or experts will be willing to help you with your methodology.