Dissertation Proposal

When it comes to writing a dissertation, the toughest is your dissertation proposal. In every field of study, you can find a lot of dissertation ideas, thus making it difficult for a student to choose his idea.

  • When selecting a topic for your dissertation, you need to be very wise, given that your entire dissertation revolves around that topic. If you choose an idea which does not give you much scope for your research, then you are likely to face most difficulties, moreover it will fail to make any impression.
  • Choose a topic where you can speak something in a clear and a concise language; and in which you are comfortable while speaking.
  • Consider how it will be possible to speak on a topic if you hardly know any thing about it.
  • Take a good dissertation proposal sample, observe it deeply, you will be able to figure out how to write a good dissertation proposal.
  • Sometimes, proposing a dissertation idea in which you are not so familiar can be a good option, especially for those who love learning new things; think about it, through out your dissertation writing you will be learning many things, in addition to it you will be able to write a review which is totally objective and unbiased.
  • Take sufficient time to write your proposal, equally give enough care for it.

Like any other forms of academic writing, your structure begins with an introduction which gives a brief detail of the most significant and relevant issues you intend to discuss in your dissertation, the topic you chose is expressed in a broad meaning. Your primary research question is also included in this part.

The next part of your research proposal contains the problem statement of your research. Here you will be writing about the issue you have chosen to address, the specific questions attached to it, the context and the background that are relevant to it, and also the importance of the idea to your subject or field. In the conceptual part, you will be answering those questions and how you foresee this issue, what does this issue deal with, the key focuses and how you define them. This will also include your description and understanding of the idea.

The section that follows is the methodology chapter which explains your intentions on your main research and how you plan to carry out the research for your proposed idea.