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The quality of our work is never compromised by the urgency of one’s deadline. If necessary, we will assign an entire team of academicians to produce our reputational quality within the deadline requirements. For these reasons, along with the academic level of the work (which affects both the type of research and the writing style), pricing will vary, as indicated by the chart below. Research works are complex and require great skill, but we believe we have balanced the amount we charge with what we should pay our writers for their exceptional work. Please, note that this is final price – no additional charges for title pages, tables of contents, bibliographies, or requested revisions.


Important Information about Our Pricing Policy

We hire only the most highly qualified English speaking academic writers who can meet the high standards of American colleges and universities. In order to keep these writers and to attract additional ones, we must pay them well. We also rely on volume for our profit, so that we can keep the cost as reasonably low as possible. Be assured that you are paying the very least possible for the quality you are receiving.

Your total price is based upon your academic level, the number of pages required, and, of course the deadline you provide. Remember that the price you are given up-front is the price you will pay for the completed work, even if you should request revisions. The price includes any and all revision you may request. We do not charge for revisions because they are rare. Our writers will communicate with you as the production process moves forward, to ensure that you are satisfied through each step. In the event you wish revisions, these are happily completed free of charge.

At all times, potential clients have the opportunity to talk with our customer support personal, our administrators, and with potential writers for their paper/project. This all occurs before any payment is made – a unique feature of that is not allowed by other writing services. This opportunity allows you to gauge the quality of our service and of your potential writers before you spend one penny. Whatever the academic discipline and whatever the academic level of study, we will put you in touch with a writer or writing team that can perform in an exceptional manner for you.

Collaboration is the Key

It is extremely important that, in completing your order, you provide every detail possible. It is also important that you remain reachable during the production process, so that your writer(s) may obtain clarification or request additional information. Likewise, they will maintain contact with you, often providing drafts for your approval while they are moving on to the next section. This continual communication guarantees that, in the end, you get exactly what you want, and that is always our goal! And this commitment to customer satisfaction is exactly what makes the busiest writing service in the industry.

A Summary of Services

  • A stellar final product, authentically researched, perfectly written and formatted with many free pages

  • Unlimited revision, per request, at no additional charge

  • Format style requested by the client

  • On-time delivery

  • Customer support department, open 24 hours a day, every day of the year

  • Complete confidentiality for all clients

  • Product becomes the sole property of the client. It will be fully deleted from our system once accepted by the client

Payment accepts all major debit/credit cards, as well as payment through PayPal. Anyone who does not have a credit card may obtain a pre-paid card at banks and major retailers. We use a third-party secure payment system; so that a customer’s personal information is never compromised.

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