Writing a Research Proposal

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In your research paper, you briefly outline the research work you propose to do. It is a summary of the details you will be doing in your research.

For your dissertation project to be accepted or allowed, you must present your research proposal to a committee, who will assess it before approving. If your research proposal is not formatted properly, the chances are high that it will be rejected. Even if some how your research proposal gets approved, you will not be able to get the credibility a good research proposal deserves. Surely a high quality research proposal will not only make its way easily through the committee but also leave an everlasting impression in their minds of committee members and readers.

Some government and non government organizations also prepare research proposals to seek the sanctions for receiving grants.

A well written research proposal contains information about every aspect of the research work you propose to conduct. It is essential that you list your aims and objectives of the research, the plans and the methods you will use in your process to get the results and the goals you set for. It will have to contain the methodology that you will be using in your research and state its relevance to your research work. It must contain sufficient information to put your points clear and prove its credibility, it must also reflect your deep knowledge of the subject you proposed, your sincerity and devotion to pursue it.

It must be convincing and make the readers realize the significance of your research idea and the contributions it is likely have towards the subject and to the field of study associated with it.

Your research proposal will begin with a title which must be clear and concise. It must be able to convey the idea behind your proposal. The title is then followed by an abstract where you will have to give a short summary in 300 words, this will include you research question, the logic behind the study, the hypothesis and the finding as well. Next, is the Introduction, here you will have to give the background, the context of your research and the issue you wish to discuss in your project.

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