What Data-Gathering Method Should You Use?

At all times, preconceived ideas and judgments of the students should be recognized and avoided. These preconceived ideas will make you cloud your thoughts and will make you lose your objectivity. It is also essential that through your methodology, you can evaluate and provide answer to your subject matter. It is easy to measure a research objectively through the numbers and figures you have gathered in quantitative method. With these data, you can easily make interpretations statistically. Unlike a quantitative method, a qualitative method is much more difficult for there are no numbers where you can base your interpretations. What is good with qualitative method is that it can show a meaningful piece of information that a numerical data can’t give. A quantitative method is associated in gathering objective results while qualitative method is associated with subjective results. A researcher should know the contrast between these things. Various information are classified from high to low level. You should know what the implications of these pieces of information are.

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