All about Your Thesis Statement

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In writing a dissertation, the thesis statement is a vital part that needs careful attention. Like the heart, it serves as the core and delicate part of the dissertation. It also serves as the main source of argument or idea for the entire project. Without a credible and sound thesis statement, the entire thesis will be doomed to failure. But, if the thesis statement is stated efficiently and effectively while encompassing the scope and limitation of the study, the dissertation is surely on its way to success.

The first consideration that a student should remember in writing a thesis statement is identifying what kind of project he is working on. If it is an expository type of thesis, then the student should narrate an explanation that will easily be understood by the readers. When it is an analysis type, there should be a clear division of the different aspects and discussing these aspects individually. After which, a general analysis of the different aspects should well-written and stated. On the other hand, if it is an argumentative type, then the student should provide a sound and strong argument and prove this argument later in the paper.

In writing the thesis statement, one should state it without ambiguity. Writing an ambiguous thesis statement will just give way to a confusing and weak thesis. Also, this statement should be written in a narrative way to evoke an impression that the researcher stands on a certain belief strongly. On the other hand, if the thesis statement is written in an interrogative form, the statement will just evoke uncertainty.

Thesis statement is usually seen in the early part of the thesis. Usually, it is written in the first paragraph. Moreover, it is written at the end of the first paragraph. This is usually done to show a relationship between the present issues where the topic is based from and the facts that are presented to support or disprove the argument of the study.

Lastly, the student should also be open to any possible changes in the thesis statement. Though this part is the core, it cannot be prevented that changes will come. As a student research more about the topic, new issues and facts will pervade and bring a different impact to the study. It is fine that the thesis statement will be subject to sudden changes. When this happens, all that should be done is to rewrite the thesis statement in way that new ideas can be encompassed without totally altering the main argument of the thesis.

These are just some of the important details that a student writing a thesis should remember about the thesis statement. By taking these details into a consideration, the thesis is on its way to success. As already mentioned, the thesis statement is a vital part of the dissertation. This should be given great attention.

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