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Affiliate program of

Ordering your academic paper can now become cheaper! presents our affiliate program. Are you satisfied with our services? Let your friend know about this opportunity! You will help your friend to get professional writing assistance, assist us with new clients but at the same time you will  benefit yourself. How’s that?

Few simple steps – all it takes.

  • Go to your account, please enter your username (email) and  a password you  have chosen at registration.
  • You will see “Affiliate program” banner, click to navigate to this page and fill in the simple form. You will be asked to give your your customer’s number. Now send it to your friend.
  • You are done!
  • Now your only job is check your account for incoming bonuses- real money.
  • Every time your friend orders from us you’ll get ATTENTION! – 10%  from his every order  with us.(if you friend orders for 70$ - you get 7$)
  • Additional bonus points will come  from  your friend’s affiliates. If the friend  you referred to PrimeThesis will affiliate someone to us and this person orders any paper - you  get your bonus! More information can be found here.
  • Your bonus money can be used for ordering any academic paper. The money can be spent in parts or saved to total in FREE order from
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